The best irons for people with disabilities

Struggling to get those iron bullets in the air? Here’s our pick of the most tolerant irons on the market

Let’s be honest, golf isn’t easy, is it?

Playing irons is arguably one of the most challenging parts of the game, and if you have a higher handicap, you’ll want to make sure you have a competent and tolerant set of irons.

Forgiving iron is necessary to enjoy the game more. How many times did you get blobs with 5 long grade 3 irons?

Some days we’re not always at our best on the cycle, and that can’t be avoided, we know that.

But what you can do is help yourself by investing in a set of irons that offer a lot of forgiving and won’t punish you like the next best set if you don’t hit it in the middle every time.

That’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide as there are plenty of brands that offer different things when looking to buy a new set of irons.

Or maybe you are interested in the iron that will provide you with the greatest distance? Whatever you’re looking for in the market, our NCG Buyer’s Guides have you covered. But for now, let’s stumble upon the best irons for the highly disabled…

The best irons for people with disabilities

Best Generally Tolerant Irons for Highly Handicapped

TaylorMade Concealed Iron

Over the past few seasons, TaylorMade has led the way in the iron class to improve the game, with its offerings proving to be a very attractive option for golfers who ask their clubs for a little help. Previously, the Sim and Sim 2 range of irons each had two different heads to choose from – the standard and also the slightly larger OS, which was aimed at the higher handicap range. The release of the new Stealth iron sees a move away from this structure, as TaylorMade believes they’ve produced the entire game-improving golf iron that fits a wider cross-section of capabilities than ever before.

If you are in the market for a new set of irons that have the ability to take your game to the next level, TaylorMade Stealth irons will be an excellent choice. With stellar aesthetics, unrivaled performance, and exceptional feel, this is one of the best game improvement combos ever launched in the golf world.

Features clues:

  • Design back cover with wrap toe design
  • Very quick and forgiving face
  • Through-hole velocity pocket provides a boost for low blows
  • The Echo Moisturizing System eliminates vibrations and improves sensation

Best Tolerant Callaway Irons for the Highly Handicapped

Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX Irons

The Callaway Rogue ST Max irons are the latest in game improvement irons and will suit a wide cross section of handicap with an attractive mid-size head packed with the latest club technology. It’s an ideal choice for the golfer looking for incredible speed, tolerance, and a solid all-round performance of the iron. Rogue ST Max irons have a lot of oomph, with a classic polished chrome aesthetic beautifully offset by the Black Rogue ST insert at the back of the head.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max iron really comes to life when you hit the ball, providing high firing characteristics with a medium to low spin that can only increase the distance of your iron shots. Callaway designed this great iron to ensure the landing angle is steep enough to allow your approaching shot to easily keep the green.

Features clues:

  • Iron improve attractive medium-sized game
  • Provides industry leading performance
  • hollow body building
  • Too long and forgiving
  • Microscopic urethane pellets provide an exceptional feel
  • Increase ball speed and control

Best Titleist Tolerant Iron for Highly Handicapped

Telist T400 Irons

The T400 T400 iron marks the Titleist’s first launch in the iron sector for superior game improvement, and it targets the golfer at slow to moderate putter head speed. With his broad body shape he is a very confident club inspiring when placed behind the ball and is sure to give even the most inconsistent ball attackers the feel-good factor when they are about to swing.

The T400’s lofts are some of the strongest on the market and the longest club available is 5 irons which come in at 20 degrees. Up to 100 grams of tungsten is cleverly placed in the taller irons to allow Titleist to make the center of gravity extremely low, providing high firing shots that contrast with the stronger upper chambers. The result is that Titleist T400 is one of the longest, if not the longest, irons on the market, and opens up a whole new world for golfers who have historically struggled with distances.

Features clues:

  • Super slim, fast and amazing L-Face for amazing ball speeds across the club front
  • A strategic weight is placed in the long irons to lower the heart rate and help shoot the ball high and long
  • The split sole design provides ease of use with the wide sole and precise interaction of the turf with the narrow sole
  • Hollow construction provides incredible forgiveness and excellent distance

Best Tolerant Ping Irons For Highly Handicapped

Bing iron G425

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons that will be long and forgiving, with a great feel and towering ball ride, the PING G425 would be a great choice. Scottsdale Golf Course is proud of our PING dealers and we will hold massive amounts of inventory to enable you to get your favorite clubs faster than ever before.

Features clues:

  • The new VFT build produces amazing performance
  • The blade length is shorter to improve the aesthetics in the title
  • MOI increased 3% over G410
  • The black and chrome color scheme gives the G425 a premium look
  • Combines explosive performance with great stopping power

Best value for money forgiving iron for people with high disabilities

Honma GS steel irons

Precision-crafted in Sakata, Japan, the GS Irons are designed to improve speed and distance with an exceptional straight flight path for golfers of all abilities.

Variable-width velocity slots promote higher ball speeds, with a wider toe slot to reduce velocity loss on off-center hits. The racquet’s thin face produces exceptional ball speeds, while strategically placed tungsten maintains stability during every stroke.

Vertical flip ribs provide increased rigidity and strength, for consistent rotation rates and shot formation.

Features clues:

  • Deep groove / wide soles
  • Flip Slot Technology
  • L-Cup Variable Face / Heavy Duty 360 Degree Steel Slicing
  • 1 Year Warranty / Nippon NS 950 NEO Steel Shafts / Honma Tour Velvet Grip

Best forgiving irons that are easy to hit for people with high disabilities

Cleveland Launcher XL Golf Irons

The Cleveland Launcher XL set irons offer something standard that many golfers try to achieve when purchasing separate sets of putters. Cleveland achieved this by producing 4-iron to 7-iron irons in an easy-to-use hollow design while 8-iron to Gap-Wedge are precision bore struts.

Features clues:

  • EXTRA LARGE HEAD DESIGN – Larger head size than previous models
  • Very forgiving and stable with an incredible home office
  • Mainframe technology increases the ball’s speed – even on off-center hits
  • Balanced to increase racket head speeds
  • Loft defined grooves

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