The giants’ rotation paradox appears in the Braves . series

ATLANTA – As the Giants attempt to improve their post-season display, they will need to gain more consistency from their mid-turn.
Alex Wood proved to be a valuable starter, but the left-winger struggled hard as he scored just three times in the 7-6 loss to the Braves on Thursday afternoon.
While losing three of their four games to the Braves, the Giants showed they had a heavy rotation. Both Logan Webb, starting Monday, and Carlos Rodon, Wednesday, looked like candidates for NL Cy Young. But Wood and Tuesday rookie Anthony Desclavani showed the big dip found in this spin.
Webb and Rodón combined to throw 14 rounds, allowing only two rounds to be hit with nine strokes and one walk while he was hitting 17. After Rodon’s exceptional performance on Wednesday, the Giants junior team entered Thursday’s ERA with 2.62 ERA (30 points achieved in 103 innings) this month, which ranked second in the Majors list behind Boston (2.36).
The novices in the other two games of the Four Game Series had the opposite luck. DeSclafani, who shared the 12-10 win on Tuesday after returning from the 60-day injured list, has Wood tagged by the Braves in a total of 11 runs over four combined rounds.
“It happens to all of us,” Rondon said. “It’s one of those things that you just have to clean up and move on to the next.” “There have been times this season when we have all been really bad, we have all been very good. It’s just part of the game.
“I still trust Woody and all of our other guys. They put this rotation together for a reason. I think we have players with really good weapons, and right now, we’re up against some tough teams and having some tough rides.”
Wood’s first run, where he allowed six runs on four hits, two walks and two pitches, was the shortest outing of his career since throwing two pitches against the Rockies on July 9, 2015, leaving the game due to injury. .
It’s bad, to be honest,” Wood said. “Two men hit, two men walked – against a lineup like that, they usually push you. It was such an exciting team; you can’t give away free passes like that and expect to be a good start. Just really frustrating.”
While the on-court staff is still working through some kinks, the Attack of the Titans featured in this series against the reigning World Championship champion, keeping each match within two runs. San Francisco scored 21 rounds over four games, six in the final on Thursday.
“Personally, I don’t feel very satisfied with being so close to matches. I’d love to have a chance to win it, but I wouldn’t go too far feeling like ‘Oh, we came really close to winning this series,'” said manager Gabe Kapler. “I don’t feel well.
“What I’m going to say is, whether it’s the Dodgers or the Atlanta Braves – the world champions – or the team in our league that’s playing really well or the San Diego Padres, I feel like we can play baseball really well with any of them. I feel like we’re a good baseball team that hasn’t come together yet.” .
Although the run either came or wasn’t for the Giants, the constant was that they were making inroads. The team had at least six and hit double digits for a total of 41 hits throughout their time in Atlanta.
“I feel like we had some good rackets today and we kept fighting all the way to the end of the game,” Kapler said. “I think this is the moment we should be proud of the club because it didn’t give up when it had a lot of momentum at work. [against] their favour. We knew we were going to really have to extend the bulls rule in a short start to Alex Wood and never [let it get] out of control.”

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