The good, the bad and the ugly

Pittsburgh Penguins goalkeeper Luis Domingo (70) saves past New York Rangers Kevin Rooney (17) (Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

The New York Rangers had their share of ups and downs during the playoffs. When it comes to their game, here are the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good

First, I’m going to talk about how amazing their team is. Their most recent acquisitions, especially Andrew Cope and Frank Vatrano, have done an excellent job for the team. These two players play and score goals, which is why Rangers got them in the first place.

No one can forget Chris Kreider who made the Rangers successful during the regular season as well. He led the league in Power Play Goals (PPG) and won this year’s Steven McDonald Extra Effort. His leadership on and off the ice led to great success for him and the Rangers.

The goal scoring, up until the last two games, was excellent. Igor Shesterkin kept Rangers in the match. He is chosen for the Vezina Cup as the best goalkeeper in the league. He definitely deserves it after what he’s done with Rangers all season.

Remember their epic comeback after they lost 4-1 in Game Three? so do i! This is the Rangers team I want to see on a consistent basis. I was screaming madly after they tied the match. I thought their chances were slim after losing 4-1, but I was hoping they could come back because it was still early enough to do so. The way they played was amazing, but it didn’t last.


You talked about how amazing their team is right? Well, guards are everywhere. One term they played great. Next period they play like JV team. I did not get it!

A good example of this is Tuesday night’s match when they lost 7-2. What I saw was a game in which experience trumps youngsters. The Pittsburgh Penguins have been in the playoffs consistently, 16 years in a row. Their players know what the in-between atmosphere is like. They were already in this position.

Rangers have missed the playoffs for the past four years. It’s a very small team and some of these players either have very limited experience in the playoffs or have none. He made a clear appearance in Tuesday night’s game. It was really hard to watch in the third inning.

Another issue was defense. Sorry about these guys! There was no defense. There was no offense either because they couldn’t even enter the area and squeeze the penguins.

Allowing an opponent to enter the zone, not making a move to stop them, and then watching a player score, is ridiculous. I know guys have to play their positions on the ice, but to just stand there and do nothing? It happened a few times and it should never happen.

As far as the offense goes, I already said he was slowing badly in the third. I still refer to the third period of the Tuesday game because that was the worst I’ve seen at Rangers.

Shesterkin has been removed from two consecutive games. For the most part, the goals were good and they weren’t against him, but there were two goals I’m sure he wants to come back on. They were just bad goals he should have scored. He’ll probably tell us that, too.


Everything mentioned above can be put into the “bad” section here as well. I think the ugly part of the playoffs for Rangers is how dirty they are. Their contradiction is frightening. Also, their departure was substandard and that was the reason.

I love Artemi Panarin. Bridman is awesome! I know no one is perfect either. With that said, there were a few times when Panarin’s passes made me scratch my head and be like ‘what was he thinking’? The plus side of this is that I saw him, after making a bad pass or playing badly, look at the tablet to see what went wrong.

It wasn’t just Panarin who did it, but the reason I’m talking about him is how poorly the team did. I admit there were a few times in the season he had bad passes or tried to shoot, but he shot the ball at an opponent. I was upset for that moment. I got over it quickly because it usually helps the team win. Nobody really looks at player mistakes if the team is doing well and winning right? no. I might be a little extreme, but it’s true that people look at things differently when their team wins.

Another thing is their strength and killing. They were there in both categories as one of the best teams in the league. what happened? The penguins were struggling for their power, but she helped them achieve victories against the Rangers. The real question now is can Rangers succeed and win three games in a row to advance? Here’s what to do and what not to do.

Are the guards over?

If the Rangers continue to play the way they did in the two passed games, they will have more time to practice the golf swing.

The Rangers have to go back and look at the tapes that show what went wrong. Their top streak was killed by the top row of penguins in every way.

What the Rangers need is to get back to their basics and think about the way they played during the regular season. I know playoffs are a different animal, but the team shouldn’t change how they play if they succeed. They just need to up their game because of the playoffs. Add more intensity, hits and speed and get things done. Doing so would be a recipe for success.

What do you guys think of Rangers and how do they play? Do you feel the same? Do you think some players deserve more playing time or vice versa? Tell me your thoughts if you please.

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