The royal family returns home after a 9-game trip, and they face a first-class brawl

The Kansas City Royals, who pulled off the most successful wild ride of the season, will return home to face one of the three teams they have played on that trip.

The Royals will host the Oakland A’s on Friday night for the opening game of a three-game series.

Kansas City welcomes Zach Greeneke (0-4, 5.05 ERA) back from the 10-day injured roster while first team Cole Irvine (2-4, 3.14 ERA) will be sent to the heap.

The Royals went 5-4 on their last trip through San Francisco, Oakland, and Anaheim, California, losing two of three to the Giants before taking the series with the A’s and Angels. The biggest factor seems to be the starting strength of the promotion.

In the nine games of the trip, the Kansas City starters combined for 3.42 afternoons (18 innings in 47 1/3 rounds). They gave 36 strokes and hit 47. The biggest negative is that only two starters completed six runs.

But manager Mike Matheny thinks he’s seeing some of the promise of his rotation with the youngsters.

“I think we have the makings for that here as well,” Matheny said of his crew, referring to the young stadiums that held the Atlanta Braves to 14 titles from 1991 to 2005.

“I think they pull for each other, because we all wear the same colours. But deep down, they’re discovering that they can improve each other by pushing each other.”

Greinke will try to add to this hotline. He’s been out since May 30th with a right flexor strain. It was obvious that something was bothering him before he went to IL.

In his first six starts, he allowed three or fewer runs and fought at least five rounds. On those starts, he posted an ERA of 2.67, hit 10 and walked in just three. But in his last four starts, he had an epoch of 9.50 with 15 strikes, seven walks and five home runs allowed.

He has rehabilitated two minor leagues starting with Triple-A Omaha. In his second start on Saturday, he made seven innings and allowed three innings, six hits, including one at home, and one walk. hit four.

Matini said Greinke is fully built and shouldn’t have any restrictions.

Greinke is 11-3 with a 2.76 ERA in 24 appearances (19 starts) of all time against the A’s.

Players A enters Friday’s game in a three-game losing streak. They won only three of their 19 matches in June. They lost to the Mariners 2-1 Thursday, even with Frankie Montas pitching a gem; He had no hitter during 7 2/3 innings.

Irvine is 1-1 with a 1.40 ERA in three games against Kansas City.

On his last start, he only allowed three hits and one run in 6 1/3 innings against the Royals in Auckland. But he suffered a loss as the titles were eliminated 2-0.

“We haven’t been able to collect innings or hits together in the last four or five games,” said coach Mark Kutsai. “It was a really good show on the other end. We have to score a lot of points to win matches. Unfortunately, again, attacking can’t go in a rhythm. . ”

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