Who has had the most assists from Tom Brady?

With Rob Gronkowski called to quit once again in his NFL career, his relationship with Tom Brady is once again in focus. He’s only ever played for midfield and has, in principle, refused to play for anyone else. The evidence we have is that after retiring from the NFL for the first time, Rob Gronkowski has not returned to the NFL as the Patriots. Join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Brady now plays with the latter’s insistence.

5 Most Famous Rob Gronkowski – Tom Brady TDs of All Time dlvr.it/SSbqBd

We know they have an almost telepathic connection. But how does it match up with the other receiver sets that Brady has played with? We look at Tom Brady’s top three goals during his career.

#3 – Julian Edelman

Coming in third on this list is Julian Edelman with 36 touchdowns. Edelman was a comeback specialist and became an essential offensive target for Tom Brady as his career progressed with the New England Patriots. Like Brady, he came in clutch positions.

Julian Edelman’s NFL Career Biography: – 3x Super Bowl Champion – Super Bowl 53 MVP – Most PR (8) & REC (7) during first half in SB history – Most REC (580) by Tom Brady – Runner-up In NFL Playoff (118) and REC YDS (1,442) all-time twitter.com/nflthrowback/s…

He never had the consistent numbers to make the Pro Bowl. However, he was named Super Bowl LIII MVP after capturing more than half of the New England Patriots who earned yards in that game. Whenever Brady needed to ensure a shot was fired first, Edelman was often his primary target.

#2 – Randy Moss

It could be said that Tom Brady made the players around him better. But in some cases, there were great players to give him tools that other quarterbacks didn’t have. From 2000 to 2006, Brady never broke the 30 relegation mark in a single season with the New England Patriots, due to their defense like Brady’s offensive.

That changed in 2007 when Randy Moss joined the team. Brady threw 50 touchdowns that season and Moss caught 23 of those 50. Brady and Moss set NFL records with passing and receiving touchdowns in a single season. Much of Brady’s individual growth and accomplishments can be put at the feet of a moose. In 2007 they tried to achieve the perfect season. Going to the Super Bowl with an undefeated 18-0 record, they failed in one game, losing 17-14 to the New York Giants.

#1 – Rob Gronkowski

Topping the list, to no one’s surprise, is Rob Gronkowski. But the number of touchdowns Brady threw is still staggering. More than 90 landings have been captured by Gronkowski than by Edelman and Moss combined.

It showed the chemistry these two possessed in the field. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski made five Super Bowl appearances as teammates and won four of them together. They are the league’s most successful double act, leaving others behind in their shadows.

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