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We know that one of the series on Thursday will have another game, but another game may be over. Edmonton was able to eliminate Calgary, winning the Battle of Alberta. Here are my recommendations for your DFS squad, players should target and avoid.


You are RantaCAR to NYR ($30): The Hurricanes haven’t yet won on the road in the playoffs… and haven’t lost yet on their home ground. The series returns to Ice home in Carolina for Game 5, and in the playoffs, Raanta had a 2.09 GAA and 0.931 savings. Oh, and 0.97 GAA and 0.968 home savings ratio.

Objective to be avoided

Mike SmithEDM for CGY ($35): No, that’s not just because of that weird target Smith left in Game 4 that was filmed, if I remember correctly, from a parking lot. Calgary at home faces exclusion. It ranked sixth this year in the number of goals per game. The Flames’ attack was actually better than that of the Oilers this year, and a 40-year-old goalkeeper like Smith has a track record of showing he’s not exactly Andrei Vasilevskiy.


Sebastian AhoCAR to NYR ($26): Nothing is easy at this time of year and sometimes you have to go with a guy who faces a goalkeeper who is likely to win at Vesina. Aho was crucial to Carolina’s offensive in the series, taking four points in four games. This comes after he earned 81 points in the regular season.

center to avoid

Ryan StromNYR in CAR ($18): Strom just picked up his first point in the series in Game 4, but he also only has seven shots at the net in this series. Hurricanes ranked first in the GAA, net shots allowed, and mass kill percentage this season. Carolina has clamped down on Strom, and I expect that to continue.


Evander KingEDM at CGY ($28): Kane fully thrives as the third member of the Edmonton Summit Line alongside Conor McDavid and Leon Drystel. He scored five goals in his last two matches. Now, that’s not sustainable, but what Player Oilers do you want more from Kane right now outside of Big Two?

Alexis LavrinierNYR in CAR ($11): In his second season, the 2020 first overall pick, he hit 19 pairwise strength goals. He’s started 67.5 percent of his bouts in the attacking zone in the playoffs, the highest for Rangers. While Lafreniere has only one point in the series, he has earned nine in his last 16 games.

Wings should be avoided

Artemi BanarinNYR in CAR ($27): Panarin has only one point in this series, and that is help. During the regular season he scored 37 out of 96 with the overtime man. This is notable, given that Hurricanes had the highest penalty kicks.

Andrei SvichnikovCAR to NYR ($23): Oh take care of the hurricane business. Svechnikov? He has only two points in his last nine matches, and they both came in the same match. Igor Shesterkin has a 2.07 GAA and 0.935 savings percentage this season, so the cool striker is unlikely to turn things around against him.


Rasmus AndersonCGY for EDM ($18): Anderson scored the poor goal in Game 4, but he did more than that. He has had 50 points this season, including 19 with the overtime man. Meanwhile, the Oilers took 17th place on penalties.

Evan BouchardEDM at CGY ($17) Bouchard has started 63.3 percent of shifts in the offensive zone, the highest between Edmonton’s defense and third overall in the team. He also averaged 3:14 per game on the power game in the series. Jacob Markstrom reached the final in Vezina, but has a 0.850 save percentage in this series.

defense to avoid

Jacob TroupNYR in CAR ($19): Tropa doesn’t have any power-playing points all season, including post-season, so the fact that Hurricanes have the best penalty kicks may not play a role. On the other hand, the 2.09 GAA and 0.931 for Raanta would come into play, as well as the fact that the Hurricanes allowed the fewest shots at the net per game.

nurse darnellEDM at CGY ($17): The most prominent contribution of a nurse in the playoffs? It may be suspended due to the back of the head. He has not had a point in his last eight games. Nurse also doesn’t play on the energy game, which means losing all those key minutes with McDavid.

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