The MLB regular season is back after the break and these are the best bets to open the second half

Another reminder was given to us today that removing all references to your employer from your social media resume is the one thing you need to do to make a lot of money. Well, maybe it pays to play quarterback as well.

After months of dancing around and playing silly games, the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray agreed to a contract extension. It’s a five-year extension that will pay Murray $230.5 million, with a $160 million guarantee. That’s just over $46 million a year and a foot long.

So I think we can finally say with no doubt that Kyler Murray made the right decision to abolish the Oakland Athletics in favor of the NFL. Just in case he won the Heisman Award and then moved up to number one in the NFL Draft he wouldn’t have already done so.

Elsewhere in the vast world of sport…

Baseball is back in business, so let’s love Pete Rose and bet on it.

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đŸ”„ Hot Ticket

Giants at the Dodgers, 10:09 p.m. | TV: ESPN

  • main trend: Less than 4-1-1 in the last six meetings.
  • Hook: less than 8 (-120)

Carlos Rodon may not be at Dodger Stadium for this week’s All-Star Game (he made the team an injury substitution and then got himself replaced with a blister), but he will be in the building tonight for a long time. Competitors start the second half of the season against each other. Rodon has been fantastic for the Giants this season, posting an ERA of 2.66 with a 30.8% strike rate. While walking is still a problem for him, he has cut his walking rate to 8.2%, which is roughly the league average for beginners.

However, tonight is a huge challenge for him, as the Dodgers have one of the deepest squads in the league. If there is good news for Rodon, it is that while the Dodgers are destroying the right (the 122 wRC team against them is the best in the league), they are just “very good” (111 wRC+) against the lefties. Because of that, I can see the Dodgers struggling to score tonight against Rodon and the comfortable Hall of Giants.

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They wouldn’t struggle enough to get me to take the Giants, though, because I don’t particularly like the Giants’ team match against Mitch White of LA and his stylus having a good rest.

Four runs should be enough to win this game more often, which makes the game seem smarter in my eyes rather than taking any team to win outright.

Here’s what SportsLine has to say about the game: The drop model has a slight slope toward over tonight, but it has a stronger slope on the money line.

💰 Snapshots

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Yankees at Astros, 6:40 p.m. | Television: MLB . Network
Pick: Yankees (+105) –
This will be the second match for the double header. The allure of this play is that we bet the Yankees as underdogs. This does not happen often. In fact, this has only happened five times this season and guess what? The Yankees won four of those five games. Tonight the Yankees will send Domingo German up the hill for his 2022 debut, and the lights are out in five small groups starting to prepare. German isn’t a close starter by any means, but when he’s right, he misses the bat and avoids walking. The problem is that it is not often right.

However, the German is still backed by the most dangerous attack in the sport, and while Houston’s Luis Garcia does many things well, he’s not overpowering. His hit rate is satisfactory, he avoids walks and pits balls, but I’m always wary of any player who doesn’t beat the Yankees. If you let the Yankees catch the ball too much, they will kill you. So this seems like an excellent place to take a shot at Bronx bombers to do some bombing.

main direction: The Yankees are 4-1 underdogs this season.

Tiger in Athletics, 7:07 p.m. | Television: MLB.TV
Pickaxe: more than 7 (-110) –
Here we have another night cap for a double head and one with a total that confuses me. It shouldn’t be that low. Frankie Montas has been excellent in Oakland this season and will be one of the most sought-after starters in the commercial market, but Montas left his last start due to shoulder inflammation again on July 3. I t installed in approximately three weeks. It’s not crazy to think that it might not be sharp.

Detroit sends Garrett Hill up the hill, and while we only saw 11 runs from Hill this season, it wasn’t promising. He’s slapped to the tunes of a 5.73 Era, and any bat he loses is almost an accident. Yes, these are the two worst offenders in the league (they’re both 29th and 30th in run rate), but in the second game of the double header, with two pairs of arms that don’t seem to be in the best pitching condition, we should see him run.

main direction: The score is 9-3 in the second games of Auckland’s last 12 double-headers. Yes, someone is tracking it.

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