ARPA and Amazon offer grants of up to $25,000

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) as well as Amazon have many grant opportunities to help small businesses. As always, grants want to address specific issues and in some cases, they can be quite specific. This includes the need to relocate due to local construction. This highlights the importance of applying for grants applicable to your situation. Applying for a scholarship you do not qualify for will only end in rejection. So, apply as soon as possible and make sure you meet all the criteria.

Grants from ARPA include a resettlement grant due to local construction as well as assistance to small businesses still battling the pandemic. The amount includes anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 for a range of issues. Check out these scholarships and see if you qualify.

The following grant comes from Amazon and is looking to support sustainable small businesses. The scholarship will provide $20,000 along with access to the Amazon Launchpad. This is a platform designed to increase visibility and sales on Amazon. Get more details below:

In related news, the US Treasury announced the approval of more support for underserved small entrepreneurs in nine states. The $10 billion will come through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI).

By staying with the government-related small business assistance, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) also announced that federal contracting targets have reached $154.2 billion. As a small business, applying for federal contracts is a great way to increase your revenue from a trusted source. And government contracts are a great way to do that.

Small Business News Brief – July 29, 2022

Bitcoin Weekly Trend Shaky Amid Uncertainty

The price of Bitcoin on Wednesday reached $21,322 with a 24-hour trading volume of $26.39 billion, down from $23,536 last week, according to Coinbase. Bitcoin’s value is up 0.95% over the past 24 hours, culminating in a weekly trend of Bitcoin struggling to reach even halfway from its previous high.

You can now use and monetize licensed music on Facebook videos

Meta has introduced music earnings sharing to Facebook. The new monetization feature makes it easier for creators to monetize videos that use licensed music from popular artists.

Small business owners say inflation pressure is getting worse

Small business owners say the pressure on their business from inflation is getting worse. A new survey from the NFIB Research Center assesses the impact of inflation on small businesses in the United States.

Zoho has over 80 million users and it’s still growing

Zoho celebrates 38% year-over-year growth. The company made the announcement today as the annual ZohoDay 2022 Analyst Conference kicks off in Austin, Texas. Significant investments, research and development, and growth were the hot topics at Zoho Summit.

Stoyan Kendorf on Preparing Your Business for Recession

It’s just as amazing when everything comes together in a video like it did with this video. But before we dive into recession preparation, it’s best to talk about the recession. We know it’s not fun, but what is slack really? A recession is when the economy suffers from negative GDP, reduced retail sales and increased levels of unemployment.

T-Mobile Package Deal and Apple Forge Partnership for Small Business

T-Mobile and Apple have teamed up to offer a comprehensive IT package for small businesses. In what is T-Mobile’s first and only wireless plan, it includes Apple Business Essentials, AppleCare+ for Business Essentials, a new iPhone 13 for new lines, and more.

Instagram has new features for reels

Meta recently announced that it is launching new features on Instagram that will make it more fun for users as well as make it easier for creators to collaborate, create and share reels.

Gas prices see the decline for the sixth week in a row

American drivers see some relief at the pump as national gas prices averaged $4,355 per gallon from $4,521 last week. This is the sixth week in a row that gas prices have fallen after the record rise in gas prices over the past several months. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average gas price on July 25, 2022 is $4.

Deadline to Apply for EIDL Loans Due to Drought in Texas

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has sent a reminder that the deadline to apply for disaster relief loans for small nonfarm businesses in eight Texas counties is approaching. Deadline to Apply for EIDL Loans Due to the Texas Drought, Administrator Tanya N.

10 Online Businesses for Sale in July

Working online gives you a more flexible way of operating. This means the ability to reach a much larger customer base, multiple marketing options, faster financial transactions, and cheaper operating costs. This applies to new and existing businesses on the Internet. However, if you want to get started, an online business is the way to go.

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