DK Metcalfe Contract Talks Seattle Seahawks

Renton, Washington (AP) – Now that the deal has been signed and DK Metcalfe Having the security and financial reward he was looking for, the wide future in Seattle can admit he played some games with the Seahawks through the negotiation process.

“I would have been here, as far as I’ve fooled (general manager) John (Schneider),” said Metcalfe with a chuckle. “I wasn’t leaving, just to let you all know. I wanted to be here. I wanted to play here and I’m glad we did something.”

Metcalf became the latest in a broad series of receivers to get big new contracts when he signed a three-year extension with the Seahawks on Friday. The deal would pay him up to $72 million, including a guaranteed $58 million, and keep him up until the 2025 season.

Getting an extension with the Metcalf was an off-season priority even as the Seahawks set out to rebuild attack after trade. Russell Wilson. The team has considered him a part of their core almost since the time of his second-round pick in 2019.

“We knew he was a guy who was going to stay here, and we had to stay here for a long time to give the fans a championship team,” Schneider said.

Schneider said negotiations on extending the Metcalf began in Indianapolis during the NFL rally, which was also when talks began between the Seahawks and the Broncos over a Wilson trade.

Metcalf negotiations continued at the start of training camp and included Metcalf skipping the team’s mandatory junior camp in June. But Schneider praised Metcalfe’s patience and professionalism throughout.

During the completion of the Metcalf deal, a slew of other broad receivers signed major contracts. cooper cupAnd the AJ BrownAnd the Stefon DiggsAnd the Terry McLaurinAnd the Davant AdamsAnd the Trek HillAnd the Chris GoodwinAnd the Mike Williams And the Michael Gallup All signed deals are over $50 million in total potential value.

Did those deals put more pressure on Metcalf’s position?

“You always kind of adapt as you go forward. If you go back to the time we were in Indianapolis, there are a number of things that happened that we had to keep adapting as we went to try and reward this young man,” Schneider said.

The Metcalf deal also includes a $30 million signing bonus, the largest for a wide receiver. He will likely return to the negotiating table in a few years in search of another deal because the contract will expire after he turns 28.

Having the biggest signing bonus doesn’t matter, Metcalf said.

“We had goals that we talked about, both from the team and from our side,” Metcalf said. “But this is just an amazing moment where I can help my family, the state of Mississippi, and the surrounding communities for years to come.”

Metcalf made $911,914 last season, when he had 75 receptions and made 12 touchdowns in his career despite playing through a foot injury most of the season.

His breakout season came in 2020 when he became a full-time player, earning 83 receptions for a franchise record of 1,303 yards, receiving 10 TDs and being named a second AP All-Pro team.

Now he can return to training camp after spending the first two days as a spectator.

“It makes a huge difference to the momentum you feel from the return of a captain like this to your club and knows he’s excited about it, happy to be here and all that kind of thing,” said coach Pete Carroll. “It just adds to all the group’s energy.”


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