Everything ‘Renaissance’ says to Beyoncé is now the hottest summer trends

The arrival of Beyoncé’s new project is an international holiday, requiring a day off just to begin studying the myriad of references, topics, ideas, and trends in it. Consider it a civic duty. her seventh album, Renaissanceno different: it’s an extended ode to the dance and dance of the nightclubs of the ’70s and queer ballroom culture of the ’80s.

It’s easy to get completely lost in the music, especially with each track flowing into the next like a classic club mix. Renaissance It was made to be felt on the dance floor – the kind of place where you can jump to its tunes and completely lose the lyrics.

But doing so means missing out on the opportunity to get ahead of the curve, and start hearing Beyoncé’s strong word before anyone else can. Renaissance It’s a celebration – of blackness, eccentricity, femininity, sexuality and self – but also a guide to what’s sexy and what isn’t, thanks to the fashion pioneer herself.

With this spirit in mind, we took on the arduous task of combing through each of the sixteen songs Renaissance For Beyoncé’s word on what’s popular for the rest of the summer—or at least until the second part of this three-season project drops. Consider this a cooler version of Oprah’s favorites, or a cool take on the Style Report for your favorite glossy magazine. This was coordinated by Beyoncé, Honey, and put into the song.

Below is a list of all the things Beyoncé thinks we should all have, as explained through the lyrics. Renaissance. They are heading. They must have. It’s the moment. Plan accordingly.

integration: choir RenaissanceThe opening song, “I’m That Girl” sees Beyoncé saying, “It’s not the diamond, it’s not the pearl / I’m that girl.” Here she tells us to simply accept that she is, even if she is devoid of riches. Final. that girl.

Old fans will remember Beyoncé’s cover recording of Marilyn Monroe’s song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” for her Emporio Armani’s Diamonds fragrance campaign throughout 2007. A high-quality version of the ad seems to have been lost over time, but the message on this new track is clear: You Too good to sell yourself just to check fat! You are that girl.

Ottomans: “Cozy” is a charming, drum-beaten and triumphant song about black, unapologetic self-love, and if there’s one thing that helps Beyoncé stay warm and comfortable in her own skin even when cuddled in her four-poster bed, it’s the right accessories for her home.

In the chorus of the song, she said, “Put your feet up for your sins, I love myself, you motherfucker.” I heard the woman, kick those dogs! Maintaining your confidence can be a daunting task, which means the right ottomans to rest your feet at the end of the day is a must. Throw in a limited edition $104 Renaissance Album cover blanket and you’ll be ready for the most beautiful night of your life.

Aliens: That’s for granted, Beyoncé won’t support any government budget cuts toward the space program. Alien Superstar encourages its listeners to explore space and do a little bit of alien hunting while they’re in it. After all, aliens are very hot right now; Just ask Jordan Peele. monster from no She was a kind of alien star herself.

acrylic: Telescopes may be around, but it’s time to ditch your grandmother’s glassware. Sorry, that’s the law according to Beyoncé (“Daggers toss old crystal out of a bar”). It’s just IKEA drinkware for your summer occasions. We love the thrifty queen!

faking your disappearanceOne of the hottest things to do this summer, according to Beyoncé the girl is gone yourself. In the introductory chorus of Cuff It, wishes similar to those made by Rosamund Pike in David Fincher’s 2014 classic, “I Wanna Miss” are echoed. Maybe you decided that Jay-Z didn’t pay enough penance then Lemonade.

And again in “Cuff It,” Beyoncé encourages us to take an interest in astronomy. “We’ll do the night, spaceships fly.” What does Beyoncé know about alien life that we don’t know?

public participation: You might have thought we left “The Wave” at a sporting event in the mid-2000s where it belongs. But reluctantly, it’s time to bring it back, as it dictates to you now. “A big wave in the room, the crowd will move,” she says on the subject of “Energy”. As long as we replace Jock Jams with RenaissanceI will allow it.

a full night’s sleep: Beyoncé may be a record-breaking superstar, but she also works as a clinical sleep psychologist. “B is back and I sleep well at night,” she boasts on “Break My Soul.” It must be nice! But if you ask Beyoncé, we’ll do our best to get 8-10 hours a night.

Spending time with your petsWe’re entering the foggy days of late July, which means it’s time to enjoy the love of summer. Beyoncé would like to take “the plastic off the couch” so your pets can climb with you while you watch bad reality TV. You and your pets only live once, so enjoy your time together, you won’t be damned! That’s what this song is about, right?

beach days: When you have more money than you know what to do with, one of the most common things you can do is rent a yacht. But this summer, Beyoncé is trying to save a few bucks. She has three college funds to contribute to!

Daniel Ventorelli / WireImage

However, she is determined to go out to the water with her friends. “A motorboat, kid, swerve around it,” she said in the Virgin’s Groove. She just wants to beat the heat, as we can understand when this song comes out right before “Slow Out of My Blouse.” She’s obviously dying to change her bathing suit! For Beyoncé, this summer is all about a fun day at the beach.

telescopes: If there is one running topic appears RenaissanceIt’s Beyoncé’s desperation to find out what lies beyond this world, and to look to other galaxies for evidence of life other than our own. We heard her on “Alien Superstar” and again on “Cuff It,” and she appears one last time on “Move.”

“I’m with my girls and we all need space,” she said firmly as the song opened. It may be that Beyoncé is using her influence to encourage more women to get into STEM RenaissanceThe most impressive contribution to society.

take care of your body: There isn’t a single part of your body you shouldn’t love, a feeling Beyoncé expresses vividly in “Heated” by saying, “Dimples on my hip, stretch marks on my chest.” Show yourself without hesitation or fear. It’s hot out there, no need to struggle under a jacket.

Moisturizing: And speaking of heat, Beyoncé asks, No, stimulate to stay hydrated. “Drink my water, take care of my business,” she raps in the finale of the song “Hot.” If you smile and hear your mouth make noises, it’s time to grab a glass – Beyoncé said so!

Equipped kitchen: Speaking of water, Miss Knowles settled the big debate about which bottled water is the best in Thick. “Yes that’s Fiji agua, candy girl, pinata,” she says in the first stanza. Throw in some suggestions on which handmade jam flavors to buy (“This is jelly and baby and champagne and cherry”) and what knives you like best (“This is Ginsu, cut that bitch like cooking”), and your entire kitchen will be stocked for Renaissance listening party.

hypnosis: Call it Beyngali, because according to Master Magician Beyoncé Knowles “All Up in Your Mind,” hypnosis is hot! Ditch the dangling hours, all you need is a little confidence and a hint of sexuality to get the attention of your crush.

sex addiction: Listen, Beyoncé knows that heat makes us all feel a little crazy, and she has room for that in “America Has a Problem.” Renaissance It’s a no-go zone for judgment, as evidenced by opening her song with “Heard you got that D for me,..pray that your love will be deep for me.” Have a little dread, Beyoncé will let it go.

Save the bees: There are a lot of benefits to organic honey, as Beyoncé lauds by saying “pure/honey.” And if it’s on its way, you’ll be spending this summer building your own beehive for self-producing honey. Bees are endangered, which is why Beyoncé wrote this stunning anthem from a bee perspective to highlight their plight: “All Boys Want My Hazel.”

tea cups:When you have enough honey to add to your tea, does Beyoncé suggest a new phrase to be printed on a new mug? “Four, three, too busy,” she sings in the first stanza of “Pure/Dear.” Beyoncé may be the coolest woman in the world, but that doesn’t put her above a good mother’s joke.

sustainable fashion: So sorry to all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because as Bay dictated on “Summer Renaissance,” Perkins came out. What will Fiji water, self-produced honey, and melatonin carry, then? Imported, of course! In the last moments of RenaissanceBeyoncé is proving she’s the queen of people—affordable bags for everyone, her latest dictate of the trend.

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