McLaren must take some of the blame for Ricciardo’s F1 struggles – Seidl

After what appeared to be an improvement in his performance after the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo had more difficult times at the British Grand Prix and in Austria this weekend.

He never looked like a challenge for points after qualifying low at Silverstone, and at Red Bull he failed to exit the first quarter after being unable to match the pace of teammate Lando Norris. He will start in the sixteenth position.

While McLaren knows Ricciardo doesn’t find it easy to produce the shows he wants to watch, Seidl is clear that the ongoing problems aren’t just down to the driver.

He cited, for example, how Ricardo’s DRS problem in free practice in Austria ruined his preparations to shoot the net, which should not have happened.

Asked by about Ricciardo’s situation, Seidl said: “We simply need to stay calm and keep working together, to see what we can also do on the side of the car to help him get out of the car, which we are doing.

“Daniel is also self-critical, which is good, but in the end we have to do better as a team.

“We need to give him a more reliable car, so he can also do the training sessions as you want to do in order to pass the full program. We generally need to improve the performance of the car, and then I am sure both drivers are in a position to score.”

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren

Photo by: Mark Sutton/Motorsport Pictures

Seidl says McLaren’s opening day in Austria was subpar for the team, with Lando Norris exiting in the second quarter after suffering a brake problem with a wire. That came after his opening practice run was limited due to an engine problem.

“It was a tough Friday, and obviously not good enough as a team,” Seidl added. “I think it’s not very common for us, so we need to get to the heart of this and make sure we get all of these different issues out as quickly as possible.

“If you look at FP1, unfortunately on Daniel’s side we have a DRS problem that put his operating plan in jeopardy. We couldn’t go through the full program like that, as his focus was on solving the DRS problem.

“For Lando, unfortunately after we installed a new PU for this weekend, it lost power: something we still have to investigate with our Mercedes colleagues.

“We had to go back to the power unit used from the pool to qualify, although we were still able to get both cars ready at the time to qualify.

“But then straight away from the first outing we had a BBW problem on Lando’s side which didn’t allow him to push the car to the limit, or give him confidence.

“On the part of Daniel, he struggled to extract performance from the car and that was a disgrace. Unfortunately with the pitches close to each other in lap time, he was unable to advance to the second quarter which is obviously a poor result.

“Being 15th and 16th after qualifying, fortunately, we have a sprint race because I think with the package we have here, if the reliability issues are sorted out, we should definitely be in a position to move up some positions. That will then put us in a position Better positioned to race on Sunday because the goal is to keep putting cars on points.”

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