Pirates give free tickets to local police officers and firefighters

A pirate unit visited the Northern Regional Police Department in Payne on Friday morning, and their tour of the facility included a peek inside the holding cells. When bowler David Bednar climbed behind the bars of one and sat down, quick-witted manager Derek Shelton joked, “If you’re not in good shape, that’s what will happen.”
Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about Bednar. The 27-year-old Right has saved 17 games for the Pirates this season, and represented the team in the MLB All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles earlier this month.
Bednar, Shelton and representatives of the Front Office of the Pirates and Guardian Protection stopped by the Northern Regional Police Department to hand out tickets for the Police and Firefighters Appreciation Night. This event will take place in PNC Park on Saturday when the Pirates host the Phillies at 7:05 p.m. ET.
As a “thank you” for making communities in and around Pittsburgh safer places to live and work, Guardian Protection purchased 4,000 tickets for Saturday’s game that have now been distributed to law enforcement officers and firefighters.
On Friday, the group led by Bednar and Shelton visited the Berkeley Hills Fire Company, Melval Police and a fire station. At each of the stations, they talked about baseball, took photos and autographs — and most importantly, made sure to thank the police officers and firefighters for their dedication and service.
“It is important that we show our appreciation because they are here for all of us and are doing a great job for the community,” Bednar said. “Often, their service and the sacrifices they make go unnoticed. So we want to show them that we are grateful, and know that we are so fortunate to have such wonderful people looking for us. I enjoy the opportunity to meet them, and I am grateful for everything they do.”
said Kevin Beech, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Guardian Protection. “We are distributing more than 4,000 tickets for Saturday’s game as a way to show our appreciation.”
Guardian Protection is the presenting sponsor for the Police and Firefighters Appreciation Night, and the fireworks display that will follow the Saturday Phillies-Pirates competition.
The Northern Regional Police Department serves communities north of Pittsburgh, including Payne, Marshall, Bradford Woods, and Richland. Senior patrolmen Mark Wolff and Vincent Tedesco reported that officers received tickets enthusiastically.
“It is so appreciative that they are doing this for us. My family loves to go down to PNC Park,” Wolf said. “What a great program, and what great people we have here with the Pirates and Guardian organization. We’re in a clumsy world these days, but things like this make it a little better, knowing that what we do is appreciated.”
“Most of our officers were born and raised in Pittsburgh, and I’ve been going to pirate games for a long time,” added Tedesco, who will retire after 36 years as a police officer. “My grandfather took me to Forbes Field when I was five years old.
“What the pirates are doing is great, they take the time to come here and show support for the police department. We, as a group, appreciate what they are doing for us. It shows that the police and the community can work together to improve everyone’s lives.”

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