Preparing the 2022 draft Fantasy Football: Running in the back tiers, plus Dave Richard’s center strategy

In the simplest terms, the rationale behind crafting any player is the hope to outperform the others
available at that time. This is true whether you choose the first general choice or the fourth choice
Round 9 or last selection in the draft. Otherwise why would you take a player?

The only reasonable answer to this question: because you need to fill specific positions in your weekly work
Lined up. But even when you choose based on the needs of the menu, the same rationale applies: when you do it
Pick a player, you hope he will outperform everyone available from that position at the time.
But this is something you would have already known. What you might not think about is
How do you feel about each situation? How stressful will you be about running backwards? Is this the year you are going to
To target early receivers? Or will you meander while the rest of the leagues meander and close tight
End and midfielder before anyone else? Can you justify for yourself the answers to these answers

See, fantasy is supposed to be fun. This should be a fun exercise of thought and not something to keep
You are up at night. Besides, you need your beauty sleep. Read and think about these strategies and
How do you align with what you think is best on draft day.

And don’t forget to know exactly what the rules of your league are and how many players you can start with.
The strategies you will develop in a 10-team league with one flexibility are much different than 12-teams
Superflex with three receivers or 14 PPR increments with team RBs and four flex dyno multiples.
I just made the latter, but it looks fun!

In 2021, the quarterback averaged at least 15 touches per game (15 of them played at least 12 games).
Those touches bumped up to at least 20 times per match, and eight players can claim that average
(Six have played at least 12 matches.) This is a fancy, twisted way of telling you that there isn’t enough
They run backwards to get around in fantasy league.

You have three options when it comes to running appearances:

Go big early

If you appreciate the rarity of the position and want to win the league from the most difficult position
To fill in, then aim to run backwards once the first round and don’t stop until the third or fourth round. For this purpose, this
The year is very similar to previous years: it is easy to buy runs in levels 1 and 2; those in
Levels 3 and 4 are less attractive but still worth the lineup. And then you get to the runners who run inside
Level 5 and you’ll think it’s more gross than a 10-day-old chili.

Go Zero RB

Some managers do the opposite and will skip the running back completely until the fourth or fifth round,
Choose instead to have top-notch talent in wide reception, tight end and even quarterback. This can work
As a winning strategy, especially if you trust yourself to find a good running back later in the draft
As the season progresses through the free agency. But it does mean more work to find a good running back, and
It almost certainly means that there is a localized defect in the RB despite the time it takes you to find it
able garnish.

go with one

There is this convenient middle between the first two options where the craftsman chooses a single nail
Run back, then ignore the situation for a while. You will enjoy the benefits of having a range of quality
Players in other locations while still clinging to one really good motivation.

There is no one right way, but I would expect the fictional majority to take a balanced approach to the draft
day. This means returning at least once during the first three rounds, from two to four rounds
And three to five or six rounds. This is a variant that will help you fill in the running back points
While picking up good values ​​in other positions.

There is another development: more and more NFL teams are wisely moving into the back fields of the committee where
Their multiple backs will watch the weekly action. This creates a larger group of players who must see at least 10
Weekly touches when they’re involved – and so much more in those weeks when they fall into a big role
Because a team member is injured or the opponent is bad at running. When you’re looking to run
Going beyond level 5, think of young players, who can catch up with football, or who are able to play
goal line. Those who carry at least two of these traits are worthy of your speculation.

RB’s favorite right-back Dave strategy: Draft to the upside early without fear of losing a receiver or a tight end. You can find these guys later. Get six players back before you reach round 12.

Favorite dev strategy if you start three matches in the full PPR League: If you pick before nine in general, take one back early and then start grabbing the receivers. If you choose nine or later, wait for their backs to play and receivers to load first.

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