Sun Prairie teens organize a golf outing to benefit from autism awareness

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Two high school students in Sun Prairie have spent their summer doing what they love – playing golf. But they also took the time to organize an event dedicated to someone very special.

Aidan O’Gara and Tyler Schick grew up together at Sun Prairie. Best friends are 17 years old and heading into their final year at Sun Prairie High School. Both compete on the golf team.

“I always try to get better, but I also try to have fun,” Shake said.

“I say I’m fine. I’m like 7 disabled,” Ojarra added.

Chic sinks down his sleeve while watching Ogara(Tim Elliott)

For the second year in a row, the duo is hosting the FORE Autism Awareness Open at Sun Prairie Golf Course. Last summer, the boys decided they wanted to do something to support Aidan’s younger sister, Alexa.

“She is just pure joy. She has a smile on her face every time I see her. She always comes to say hello and wants to hug and hug the kids,” said Ujara.

She’s like a younger sister to me,” Shake said. “Whenever I’m there, there’s always a ‘Hi Tyler’ smile, hugs, and hugs the kids. I mean she’s so happy and cute all the time, it’s so sweet to see,”

Last year’s event raised $22,000. Funds were split between two local autism organizations. Project Penguin is an organization that works to empower children with special needs through arts and theater. The other organization is the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin. Each received a check for $11,000. The total money raised blew expectations away.

Aidan O'Gara wanted to help support his autistic younger sister.  Gather his love for...
Aidan O’Gara wanted to help support his autistic younger sister. He combined his love for her and golf to raise money(Tim Elliott)

“I was kind of hoping to make a few thousand, maybe $5,000, but it was overwhelming,” said Trina Ogara, mother to both Aidan and Alexa.

For this year’s event, they want to get even bigger.

“We want to do more than last year, so $22,000 more,” said Aidan O’Gara.

Trina O’Jara says these boys are making their community a better place to live.

“I’m so proud of them wanting to do something like this,”

In addition to raising a few dollars, the boys want to raise awareness – that people with autism are just like you and me.

“That’s what I’m trying to present to the world is understanding,” Shake said.

FORE Autism Awareness Open August 2 at Sun Prairie Golf Course at 10:30. The event is sold out but you can still support the cause! If you would like to donate click here.

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