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Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown is one of the best players in the NBA and joined the team during the 2016 draft.

Brown plays in small front guard positions and averages 23.6 PPG (points per game).


Jaylene Brown, NBA player for the Boston Celtics

Who is Jaylene Brown?

Jaylen Brown, 26, was selected as a first-round NBA draftee for the Boston Celtics in 2016.

He grew up in Marietta, Georgia with his brother and mother Michal, who raised them as a single parent.

Michal received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, giving Brown a sense of determination to succeed.

His father, Marcelles, was a successful heavyweight boxer with a career record of 31-18-1 and 25 knockouts.

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Brown’s success in basketball began in high school when he became a multi-time player for the County All-Cob, and upon entering college, he was a no. 4 recruits in the country according to 247 sports.

Since joining the Celtics in 2016, Brown has won the NBA All-Rookie Team Award in 2017 and the NBA Community Assist Award in 2020.

Was Jaelyn Brown considered too smart to play in the NBA?

He was finishing his freshman year at UC Berkeley when he joined the team and never came back to finish school.

While in school, he furthered his intellect by learning foreign languages ​​and taking a postgraduate level course when he was in his first year.

The narrative that Brown was “too smart” for the NBA circulated for years before he addressed comments in a 2018 interview with CBS Sports.

The first comments came in 2016 when Andscape reported that an unnamed NBA executive said Brown was “too smart for the league”.

The NBA assistant general manager told the enforcer that Brown’s level of intelligence could intimidate his coaches, general managers, and teammates.

The assistant general manager said Brown “doesn’t fit the mold of a so-called basketball player,” adding, “He’s a very smart kid.

“…He is a curious person about everything. Since he is so smart, it can be intimidating to some teams.

“He wants to know why you’re doing something instead of just doing it. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s a form of questioning authority.”

“It’s not harmful. He just wants to know what’s going on. My old school coaches don’t want guys to question things.”

Speaking with CBS Sports two years later, Brown questioned the 2016 comments, asking, “What is a ‘mold’ for a basketball player?”

“I challenge everyone who has the ideology of the alleged basketball player, I challenge them to come out and say what is this.”

Brown said he wants to change the conversation and move forward from the stigma that athletes can’t also have a high level of intelligence.

“It’s time to move on to a new generation where, not only do you get a job and do your job well, but you also have interests outside of that and that’s okay, there’s no backlash from that.

“Especially if you want to be a musician or a politician or something or a venture capitalist like Steve Curry, anything. I think that’s psychedelic. I think it’s time to move in that direction. It’s time now.”

“…This is a story that has been set for a long time now, and it is up to us – the fans, the media, the players – to change the narrative and make that relevant.”

Jaylen Brown averaged 23.6 PPG in the 2021-2022 season2

Jaylen Brown averaged 23.6 PPG in the 2021-2022 seasonCredit: AP

What are the stats for Jaylen Brown?

Brown rose to the challenge of the NBA Novice with an average of 6.6 PPG but by the 2021-2022 season, his average had risen to 23.6 PPG.

Similarly, his 3-point field goals increased from 0.6 in his first season to 2.5 in the 2021-2022 season.

Dominic Wilkins, a former NBA basketball star, told NBC Sports that Brown’s average overall playing showed what he’s made of.

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“People are now starting to see this guy as a complete basketball player,” Wilkins said.

“His game has grown now, and he is more mature now. I have already seen the growth and he will do nothing but get better and better.”

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