2022 College Football Hot Seat Rankings: Job Security Assessment for All 131 . FBS Coaches

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The college football season has once again seen a major change to FBS programming with 30 teams – 23% of FBS – changing coaches, meaning there is plenty of space entering their honeymoon year with their new schools. Add to that a number of programs anticipating or experiencing anxiety about reorganizing conferences, and there are a lot of unknowns entering 2022.

It should be noted that the 2022 Hot Seats ratings are remarkable with 79 coaches – nearly 60% of FBS – rated 0 or 1, meaning they are either “virtually untouchable” or “safe”.

A hot seat has always been an accurate indicator of job security. Over the past five years, 23 of the 35 coaches rated 4 or worse in pre-season have lost their jobs (66%).

Entering the 2022 season, there are only eight coaches on the proverbial hot seat (seeded 4 or higher). However, you can be sure that there will be more than eight training changes as the damn training loop is always going around.

In addition to the full set of ratings below, we’ve detailed them Eight coaches sit on the hottest seats Prior to the 2022 campaign, though, there is a ‘Notice 3’ group to watch throughout the season.

Mike Norville is 8-13 (6-10 ACC) in his first two seasons in Florida, and the Seminole recruitment process appears to be lagging. Meanwhile, Jeff Scott had only one win against an FBS opponent in two seasons in South Florida (3-18), and Karl Durrell’s Colorado offensive fell off a cliff while the program ended 4-8 in 2022.

Below you can see where all 131 FBS coaches stand before the season begins. Check out the rankings key first and see where every college football coach ranks with the kickoff scheduled in less than two months.


win or kick



Start improving now



pressure rises



All the best… now



Safe and secure





The table below is arranged alphabetically by school. Included in the list is the win and loss record of each coach in his current program and the number of years that team had before 2022. If the coach sees his rating change from the 2021 season, the old rating will be listed in parentheses. star

Note that games won/lost as a temporary coach prior to full-time employment are included.

2022 hot seat arrangement

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