Behind the scenes update on Tony Khan

New details have been revealed about the recent heat between Jonathan Grisham and ROH/AEW owner Tony Kahn.

As we have noted, Gresham lost the ROH World Title to Claudio Castagnoli on Saturday’s ROH Death Before Dishonor XIX pay-per-view. It was later reported that Grisham had met ROH owner Tony Khan before paying per show and he stated some of his frustrations, especially with Khan not communicating with him, and how he felt disrespected because of it. Reportedly saw the conversation Gresham “curse” Khan before he asked for his release. It was also reported that Gresham was upset due to his finding that the match with Castagnoli would not be given much time. Gresham reportedly went to the meeting with the sweltering Khan because he was also not happy with the booking and direction from his character. While the conversation between Khan and Gresham took place in a private setting, the conversations heated up enough that everyone backstage, including the staff and security, heard most of what was said. It was reported earlier this week that Grisham is not currently included in any creative plans for AEW or ROH.

In an update, PWInsider reported that Grisham’s words with Khan were described as “ugly and unprofessional” by someone who overheard what was said.

Gresham has reportedly tried to use his Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 rating as an argument for why he should be better booked. Gresham ranked No. 20 on the 2021 PWI 500 list, up from the No. 49 rating he received in 2020. Multiple talents reported that Gresham upgraded his PWI 500 rating to Khan. The PWI 500 has been a trending topic on social media due to the behind-the-scenes reports.

It was confirmed that Gresham was “extremely upset” when he was told of a planned exit from his match with Castagnoli. The match opened with Death Before Dishonor’s pay-per-view and went under 11 minutes. PWInsider adds that the match has always been scheduled to unlock the show, so issues with Gresham haven’t changed the way the card is formatted.

It was reported earlier this week by Fightful that Gresham hasn’t been booked for any upcoming ROH or AEW creative plans, and there is no talk of granting his release as of midweek. PWInsider confirms this, adding that there is a belief that Gresham will in no way return for the promotion unless he and Khan do some kind of fix.

Gresham had recently turned heel, joining Tully Blanchard Enterprises (now the embassy, ​​which Prince Nana had bought in the storylines) seemingly out of nowhere, and this was said to be a decision supposedly made for the “bigger picture” of ROH. Gresham was said to be very passionate about ROH, but his vision of the company did not align with what Khan had in mind. Grisham was also upset that he wasn’t getting any answers for ROH’s creativity.

The two sides confirmed that the situation in which Grisham requested his release was “increasing heat” in secret. However, AEW sources indicated that they were pleased with how Gresham’s match against Castagnoli was going, and many respected Gresham’s professionalism to continue the match. Despite the heated nature of the conversation between Gresham and Khan, no bridges appeared to have been burned.

Gresham left the arena as soon as his match with Castagnoli ended. He has yet to reactivate his Twitter account and has also deactivated the official Twitter account for his Terminus promotion, which recently held its third event. It was previously reported that Gresham’s immediate feelings were that he had finished pro wrestling for a while, but many of Gresham’s co-workers feel that he loves wrestling so much that this becomes a reality.

Gresham is still active on Instagram and is currently in Nashville for the “Jim Crockett Promotions Presents: Ric Flair’s Last Match” event to be held on Sunday. He is set to work for the Four Corners Independent Wrestling Dream Match on that show with Alan “5” Angels, Nick Wayne and Konosuke Takeshita.

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