Best Collection of Andrew McCutchen Awards and much more

In today’s big update for Diamond Dynasty, we’ve taken home a new collection award with Finest Andrew McCutchen. Like George Brett, this card seems to live up to the hype on the ratings front. We’ve also got a new title pack, a new pick pack, and a roster update that includes field changes. Let’s go to it.

Best Collection Award, Andrew McCutchen

Before we get to the requirements, let’s say it looks like it’s worth the wait even if you can’t get the card right away. Far from just an average steal rate, this card is generally 99 by a bullet. There are plenty of defensive players out there, but not many of them can match Cutch. On top of that, he has a nice swing, and he’s a right-handed hitter, which is a bit more of a left-handed hitter this year. I don’t have much to say because what is there to complain about the card?

I think the complaint would be the potential cost. You will need 18 vouchers from the 19 groups available. I won’t do the math this time. Instead, I’ll leave that Until ShowZoneAnd they won’t steer you wrongly in the shape of the playing field.

In short, today is a good day to be a fan of Pirates.

List update July 29

Diamond Dynasty roster update July 29

I suspect people will call this list the ‘L’ update because of the hype behind it with defensive changes and all that. I think people might have expected more seismic changes, but overall it’s a relatively low dramatic update. Aaron Judge has a score of 94 and has been linked with Ohtani for the highest rated player in the game, and no one new has joined or left the club 90+.

new diamonds

  • Alejandro Kirk
  • Julio Rodriguez

Toolbox selection package

As usual, odds are for the “Summit” round, and then the consolation round if you missed it. At the top of the package we have:

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  • Future stars Diego Cartaya
  • Future stars Daniel Espino
  • Future stars Noelvi Martí

And aside from the joke about the bowler being a five-tool player, we’ve also seen Noelfi Martí many times at this point. None of the three immediately contacted me here, so I don’t have much of an opinion yet.

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There are a lot of familiar names on the base tour as well, but I think Elie de la Cruz will be a favorite among the group. He’s a versatile short-range player who switches strikes and has plenty of speed and pop. It’s kind of like a Ketel Marte player, so it’s just a matter of how it feels to swing in the box. Bradley, Jung and Thomas we’ve seen in other forms, then Finn looks like a solid defensive player and a sprinter if need be.

Mini Minoso Signature Series

Mini Minoso signature series

Getting the “free” signature string is good fun even before you even get to the launcher. With the Signature Series Minnie Minoso, the card doesn’t look like from another world or anything else, but it will be tough and he can fake it at 3B in question. He doesn’t have his normal top speed, but I feel this Minoso has more power than usual to at least make up for it. All in all, it’s a good idea to get a Signature Series card.


  • 10 Points – Ballin Pack is a habit
  • 20 points – 1,000 heels, global profile icon
  • 30 points – 500 seeds, diamond bat skin
  • 35 Points – Leaderboard 30 Pack
  • 40 Points – 500 Seeds 1967 Chicago White Sox Road Uniform

Chicago White Sox Uniforms

  • 45 Points – Presentation Pack (x 10)
  • 50 points – 1,000 heels, Signature Series Minnie Minoso


Each moment equals 4 points

  • Minoso mashes Homer I
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Total 4 bases
  • Mini makes an all-star team
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Next 1 XBH
  • Cuban comet hits the moon
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • 1 hit home run
  • Mini speeds around the rules
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • Calculate a total of 3 rules
  • Extra thinking Minoso
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Next 2 hits
    • Next 1 XBH
  • That would look cute on a scarf
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Next 1 XBH
  • Minnie leads the way
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Next 2 hits
  • Minoso hangs the cleats
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Next 1 hit


  • 500 points with White Sox – 2 points
  • 1500 points with White Sox – 4 points
  • 2500 PxP with White Sox – 6 Points
  • 40 hits with White Sox – 3 points
  • 20 XBH With White Sox – 3 Points


  • White Sox Exchange – 2 points
  • AL Central Player Exchange – 4 Points

Headlines set 34 Houston’s finest street

Headlines set 34 Houston's finest street

I find it hard to remember a time when the Huston Street card was a fan favorite, so it’s almost not worth analyzing the card. The 125 H/9 is cool, and it has a punch, but the Street only struggles to trick players at average speed. I’m always willing to give balms a second chance, but the biggest advantage is that they’re probably the best card you can snag in McCutchen’s deck.

The odds on Headliners for pulling diamonds are 1:10 (as always), although this diamond may not be the best Huston Street. Plus, this year you can buy one of the Headliner Picker Pack, which gives you 1:3 odds of drawing a total diamond of over 90+ (and, of course, costs more seed).

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