Chicago attorney general slams Kim Fox in resignation letter, can’t serve on ‘I disrespect’ position

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An Illinois attorney general has hired Cook County state attorney Kim Fox for the job in a harsh office-wide resignation letter, saying her office cares more about political narratives than crime victims.

Jim Murphy, the assistant attorney general for Cook County, said he “cannot continue to serve in an administration that I do not respect,” in his letter to resign after 25 years of service. His last day was Friday, according to a copy of the letter obtained by Fox News.

“I wish I could stay,” he wrote. “However, I can no longer work with this administration. I have no confidence in the leadership.”

Fox News contacted Foxx’s office but did not receive a response.

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Cook County Attorney Kim Fox. A lawyer at her officer issued a scathing letter of resignation Friday criticizing Fox and her policies.
(Cook County Attorney)

Murphy cited a number of reasons for his departure, including the “Safe-T Act,” a procedure that requires prosecutors to provide a greater burden of proof to hold accused criminals until trial.

While Murphy said he was in favor of eliminating the cash bail, he said Fox’s office had rushed the reform and that his concerns had been set aside. Murphy also cited “dangerously” low staffing levels across all units and offices in Fox’s office, so much so that one- or two-person courtrooms are now common.

“If this administration is truly interested in combating violent crime effectively, then it will work to provide a full staff for courtrooms and units,” he wrote. “Meanwhile, the rest of us are overworked and under-resourced. But at least we were allowed to wear jeans in July.”

Murphy said Fox was furious one day several months ago when he was called to a meeting about the bond hearings he had participated in. One involved a “massive shootout” and the other a woman shot dead as she walked into a store after being caught in a shootout.

Murphy said Fox was upset by a newspaper headline that indicated the suspect would not face a murder charge under the Safe-T Act. He said Fox seemed more upset by the title than by the fact that a woman had died.


“This is the fault of this administration,” he said. “I have seen day after day.” “How many mass shootings has to happen before something can be done.”

“This administration is more concerned with narratives and political agendas than with victims and the prosecution of violent crimes,” he added. “That’s why I can’t stay longer.”

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