Colin Cord urges Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings or Dallas Cowboys to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo is currently on the market. He is expected to play for a different team this coming season. After surgery to repair a shoulder injury, he recovers and undergoes ejaculation for a few weeks.

Now that the midfielder is physically able to perform on the field, the trade is expected to happen soon.

Colin Coward thinks the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys or Minnesota Vikings should take the risk. He thinks, if any of those teams want to win now, they need to get the 49ers quarterback.

Cord said:

“But when I look at Cleveland or Dallas or Minnesota. And you have great offensive pieces, you have offensive coaches, you have chances, you start one and three, one and four, or your quarterback gets hurt, Duck gets hurt, or Kirk Cousins, or Deshawn hangs longer. You have to win now, you have to win now.

“So go ahead. Crap on Jimmy Garoppolo but one of the good teams out there… One of the really good teams will start 4-1 and lose quarterback. You’ll find out how ‘average’ Jimmy Garoppolo is then.”

Brown still doesn’t know how long they will be without Deshaun Watson. They’re willing to play backup Jacoby Brissett in his absence, but an option like the 49ers quarterback could win them in a few games.

Cowboys have Dak Prescott. However, they must make sure that they have a backup that can intervene immediately in the event that the caller hits the signal. The 49ers quaterback is the perfect person for this role. While Cooper Rush is a serviceable backup, he doesn’t have the experience as the 49ers quarterback.

The Vikings can be a great landing spot for a midfielder, too. According to NFL writer Peter Panacey, Garoppolo and Kirk Cousins ​​”may be the same type, decent quarterbacks who at least need a quality support team.”

The San Francisco 49ers are ready to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo and are committed to Trey Lance

San Francisco 49ers vs Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers vs Tennessee Titans

The 49ers announced that they have moved from Garoppolo. The team is fully committed to sophomore quarterback Trey Lance.

Coach Kyle Shanahan discussed the situation with the media on Tuesday. This is what he said:

“We’ve moved on to Trey. This is Trey’s team. This is nothing against Jimmy. We made that decision a year ago, and we’ve been keeping it going. We’re not going to mess with this anymore.”

He completed:

“Jamie totally understands that. This is a business decision, and that’s what makes him so awkward. Jimmy knows we go with Trey. Trey knows we go with Trey, our team does, and everyone loves these two guys.”

As for now, the future of the 49ers is in Lance’s hands, and where to land Garoppolo remains to be decided.

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