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Marion – Rain delayed the opening events of the 2022 World Cup at Rent One Park, but the Home Run Derby that officially started on Friday morning allowed players to put on a show for fans and their teammates.

Mexican Alessandro Falcone won the first prize, achieving eight runs in the first round and seven in the second. Before Falcone took his turn in the game, the highest total HR was three, so the 15-year-old from Mexico hastily caught everyone’s attention.

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Marion’s Michael Minicucci came in second with six hurdles in the final round to be the final hitter in the event.

He said of Falcone’s impressive performance, “He set a number for me and I was like ‘I should do better.'”Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me, but I had a great time getting out there and having the best time of my life.”

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Minicucci has one Homer was wrong, which would have been enough to tie him up with Falcone in the Finals.

“It kind of hurts, but it’s part of the game,” he said. “Baseball, there will be ups and downs, but, you know, this is baseball and this is life.

“Once I got into that groove, I was feeling good, cool, great. When I hit this bug, it affected me a little bit, but as soon as I hit another bug, I came back to thinking I got this.”

While The Falcon Show was star-worthy, Covina’s best show was probably Austin Nguyen. A black-eyed mustache who joked he’s been growing out for a few months, Nguyen didn’t enter the derby with any expectations, but ended up taking three out of the park, much to the delight of his teammates.

“Honestly, it was kind of surprising because I didn’t think I could do that either. I only did it for my friends and wanted to make a show for them.” “I love Covina so much – they were here for me and supported me all the way. I love that they posted it on Instagram because it is that support.”

The diminutive Nguyen is the team’s youngest player and easily the youngest opponent, but when he made his first run, his teammates burst into cheers.

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“You gave me a lot of energy,” he said. “It got me so excited because, even though I didn’t think I’d win, I had a great time because I didn’t think I’d do anything special and I love my teammates so much.”

After Falcon was attacked by his teammates, Meniccui went to the footballer to congratulate him and get his Snapchat, something he often did with the players he met from the international event.

“It’s really great. I’ve met great players from every team. The players and coaches are great,” said Minicucci. “We just love being around each other. Tonight, Germany and I are going to hang out at the hotel.”

The Colt World Series officially began at noon on Friday and will run through Tuesday, August 2.

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