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Let’s find out what Dazel is up to this week.

</p><div dir="auto"><p>Dazzle was excited!  The Aviary School had planned a summer camping trip to the beach and today she was supposed to go off for vacation.

“Swyn, did you take everything on the list they gave us?” Dazel asked as she packed her bag.


Swain replied, “Yeah, yeah, just watching you get so excited about the summer trip makes me excited too; otherwise I’m not one of those people who dreads it. I’d rather rest in my pool house. A few days at the beach in camping tents is not my idea of ​​a summer trip.” .

“Oh Sween! It’s going to be so much fun!” Dazel shouted. “Going to see a new place and then staying with our classmates from school.” Dazzle smiled expectantly.

Soon all the birds of the school of birds that were going on the flight were collected in the school building. Whis Roster smiled at the gathering and addressed them, “Dear birds, every year the primary school birds go on a summer trip. This trip has many purposes – to see new places, to see how you can stay away from home but most of all how you can work in a group.”

The gathered birds were listening intently.

“For this purpose, you will all be divided into two groups. Each group will have to set up their own tents, prepare their own food and also compete with each other in games and chores. At the end of the two days, both teams will score based on how well organized they are and how well they do as a team,” explained Wiz Rooster seriously.

The birds looked at each other and smiled broadly. This looked fun!

said Wes Rooster, his wise eyes shining.

Dazzle couldn’t believe it. Her chest bulged with pride and blushed when she heard the birds clapping. She was a group leader! The teachers thought she was responsible enough to be one!

“Look at your team members, team leaders,” Wes Roster said.

Dazzle looked at the birds that had gathered behind her. Swain the swan, her friend and neighbor, was in her group. I was relieved to see him. Then Rita Robin and Otti saw an ostrich. Aside from a few other birdmates who were in her class, Dazel also saw the young eagle in her group.

“Oh oh!” Dazzle said to herself. “Eva is the bad eagle on my team. I have to make sure she doesn’t spoil the team spirit in my group.” Then the birds flew towards the shore where they were supposed to camp. The beach was beautiful with soft white sand, coconut trees and sparkling blue water.

“My God!” Dazzle shouted, “That’s nice!”

“Yes, it is,” replied Wes Roster, “but you have so many responsibilities to take care of, Dazel, instead of enjoying the view,” said Rooster sweetly. “Why don’t you ask your team to pitch tents? Dessert, the canary team has already picked a good spot and started setting up camp.”

Dazzle sure could see Candy and her team pitching tents with enthusiasm.

“You should have chosen the shaded spot under the coconut trees,” said an angry voice. Eva was the eagle.

Dazzle looked sluggish. It was her first assignment as group leader and it failed.

“It’s okay, that’s another good spot,” said Swain the Swan, looking at Dazzle with encouragement. And so the Dazzle group began pitching their tents in silence. Soon it was dinner time.

Wiz Rooster explained, “Well, groups, you have to forage for food that is sufficient for all members of your group. You have an hour until sunset—that’s when you have to forage. But no quarrels please.”

Dazzle called the members of her group and they got together.

“We are 8 birds; I suggest we get together and find food and water and be back in an hour,” said Dazelle with determination to do well on this chore until she could prove she was a good and capable leader.

“Ottie the Ostrich and Eva the Eagle; Swain the Swan and I; Rita Robin and the Teak Woodpecker; and Davy the Dove and Pie the Dove — let’s all spread out and meet up as soon as possible,” Dazzle said.

“Sorry, I don’t want to be associated with this strange ostrich,” said Eva bluntly.

The ostrich fell out.

“That’s too rude,” Dazel said, surprised by Eva’s boldness.

“Well, I’m a slut, Mrs. Goody Two Dazzle shoes!” Eva sneered.

“Okay, I’ll be with Ooty,” Swain said hastily. “Let’s not waste our time arguing. The other team has already started looking for food.”

Understanding Dazzle’s intelligence in Swain’s advice. The team members broke up and when they met again they were able to collect coconuts and berries. However, when they saw the other group’s group, Dazel’s mouth fell in astonishment. The Kandy team managed not only to collect coconuts and berries, but also grains and fruits.

Wiz Rooster has evaluated the camps of the two teams. As the sun set on the first day of camp, the rooster declared, “The camp was set up quickly by the Kandy team and her team had more food in stock as well, so team Kandy had won on both missions.”

Canari Canary and her team cheered victoriously while Dazel and her team remained silent and miserable.

“Well, what can we expect when we have a duck for a team leader,” muttered Eagle Eva. Dazel blushed from embarrassment. Was she really a bad leader?


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