Emmanwori discusses adaptation to safety

Safety of South Carolina Nick Emmanori He didn’t have to go far from home to play college football as he signed with the Gamecocks outside of Irmo High School.

During his time with the yellow jackets, Emmanwori rebounded in the center of defense and played as both a defensive lineback and a linebacker. With Gamecocks, he’ll start his collegiate career as a collateral.

“It’s been a good adjustment to safety,” Emmanwori said in an interview after the South Carolina appearance at the Pigskin Poets on Friday afternoon. “Sophomore and sophomore, I played defensive back. In my first and second year, I played a bit of quarterback and nickel. I’m a physical guy, so I can take on all my fitness. It’s mental intelligence stuff that’s on edge. I think I’m throwing out the playbook. So it was a good adjustment.”

As a safety, Emmanwori said you should be responsible for not only getting yourself in the right place but also getting your teammates in the right place as well.

“Safety is like a midfielder in defence,” Emmanori said. “You have to lead. DB’s players, linebackers, you have to lead two corners, nickels and make sure everyone is in the right place. The playbook is a lot. It’s a big playbook so you can’t really mess around and you can’t take any mistakes because that can lead to To a landing on the other end. You have to be on your PS and Qs at all times.”

Emmanwori trusts his skill set as a safety and said he can fill in a gap or cover the opponent’s best receiver.

“I can run with your first receiver,” Emmanori said. “I ran a 4.4 when I went to camp Carolina. I am a big guy who can move and I am physical enough to be able to fill in gaps and get down when running. My skill set plays its part.”

Emmanwori has a number of players to look out for in 2022 as South Carolina must introduce a talented high schooler.

“We have some leaders like Devonne RedAnd the Cam Smith And the Darius RushEmmanwori said. “These are probably the best few players I look up to and watch how they play the game. They are good leaders on and off the field. I have been watching them throughout training and they are amazing. They know things. College is kind of a breeze for them. They are used to these things and just trying Watch them and learn from them what they do.”

The six-foot-three, 208-pound freshman has named a few Gamecocks receivers that have caught his eye so far.

(Antoine) wellsAnd the Galen Brooks“Those are some of the good guys,” Emmanori said.Corey Roker It is a sleeping receiver. Landon Samson Good Choice “.

Emmanwori said the Rucker is one receiver to watch out for this season.

“He might not be the fastest guy for you, like Juice Wells is a fast guy and he’ll probably get you out of your parking spot, but Corey Roker, he’s a good runner on the road,” Emmanwori said. “He knows where he is and he knows where to attack the ball and he will take you down the field. He has a tricky pace. You have to watch him.”

With Emmanwori and the Gamecocks entering the 2022 season, he said he’d like to earn some stats and do whatever the team needs to do.

Emmanori said: “My biggest goal is probably to play as a freshman. I will probably be involved in some matches and get some stats on my streak. I may not be looking to start, but I will be in the team in any way I can.

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