Fantasy football predictions for the 2022 NFL season

The 2022 NFL season is approaching, which means one thing. It’s time to get ready for fantasy football. The Tennessee Titans are an intriguing team at the moment because there are so many powerful fantasy options in crime. However, each of them comes with some kind of risk. For that reason, we’ll dive into Derek Henry’s fantasy football look for the upcoming season.

Last year, Henry went so crazy in the first half of the regular season that he sustained a serious foot injury. He eventually returned to the lineup in the playoffs, but the Titans failed after winning the seed one without the return of their star. It’s important to note that Tennessee has been successful in running the ball without The King, which may reduce its campaigns in 2022.

Regardless, still Derek Henry. Tennessee still relies on the rushing attack and is clearly the bell cow in the backcourt. It will be interesting to see if he can get back into shape, but either way, Henry will likely be a safe bet this year.

With that, here are our fantasy football predictions for Derek Henry in the 2022 NFL season.

Derek Henry fantasy football predictions

King would have won the sprint title in consecutive years had it not been for the injury. He was on his way to break nearly 2,000 yards as well. This year, there are some red flags when Derek Henry is considered a fantasy football choice. Injury is a key factor, however, his age is an important factor and Titans Roger Savold lost to the left guard.

Despite this, Henry has a real opportunity to produce strong fictional figures. In fact, ESPN predicted him to finish with a base streak of 1,464 rushing yards, 12 total touchdowns, 29 receptions and 217 yards. That would be fine for 265.66 points in PPR formats. So even though there is some skepticism surrounding Derek Henry and the Titans, he is still expected to have a solid outing in the 2022 NFL season.

Looking at the Tennessee offense for a moment, Henry is in line to be the focal point again. AJ Brown and Julio Jones are no longer on the list, with Robert Woods and Trillon Burks taking over a wide receiver. The Titans will have a wide 30-year-old receiver returning from an ACL injury and a rookie leading the way in the passing attack. No wonder Mike Frabel will be counting on Derek Henry again.

Given all the factors, the Titans star’s backwards dip would likely be a consistent fantasy option. Tennessee got him involved in the pass game last year, so that should continue into the 2022 season. Derek Henry is an absolute beast who has played as the top rider in the league for the past several years. Any anxiety should be eliminated, because it has a real chance of bouncing back with full force.

He’s still expected to be a first-round pick, however, and you’ll likely hang him up in the later part of the first round. This means you can craft a safe RB1 with the potential to be the best in the league again. Given his extremely secure flooring and high ceiling, Derek Henry must be a strong asset in fantasy football.

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