Formula 1 may be bigger than ever

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Formula 1 has always been a standout in the US but it’s also a big deal in Europe. A lot has been done newly How is Netflix drive to survive Americans are starting to change that, Americans are starting to show interest, although I like to think the competition itself deserves some credit. It also looks like Formula 1 may be more popular than ever in Europe as well.

The latest guide is Follow news from the GuardianAbout the British Grand Prix, which doesn’t take place until the first weekend of July:

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone sold out in the shortest time in the race’s history and is now expected to break all previous attendance records this year.


All 142,000 tickets sold out for race day at the British Grand Prix on Sunday 3 July, a new attendance record. Organizers anticipate that demand for the Friday and Saturday weekends of the race could be taken up as well. It would be the first time in the history of the race, which has been on the F1 calendar every year since 1950, that all three days will be sold out. If that happens, the weekend crowd will surpass the record-breaking 356,000 who attended in 2021.

“We have seen unprecedented demand for tickets for the 2022 Formula 1 British Grand Prix,” said Stuart Pringle, managing director at Silverstone. “We’ve never hit a sell position like this so early in the year.”

There is of course Race in Las Vegas next year, making three races in the US for 2023, because the US is where the money is. I would say it’s surprising that Formula 1 has never been bigger here than before due to its rich history, but Formula 1 has also been run by Bernie Ecclestone for decades. Under different ownership, Formula 1 was more cInterested in attracting “young people” to the races; They also have, apart from drive to survive-Making it easier than ever to watch races and highlights. I can remember, many years ago, I found that almost impossible in the States.

fact that drive to survive It’s a very modest show that also makes me think, that the current group of Formula 1 drivers is still a compelling group, even though they are constantly described, boringly, as very knowledgeable in the media and lacking in character. But take a look at the arrangement and tell me if there’s one driver you wouldn’t mind having a beer with. Nicholas Latifi? You don’t have to be so rude.

The results on the track, however, were not boring with Max Verstappen Winning the title in a controversial way On the last lap of last season, and this year, Ferrari fought a battle for the first time in years, sacking the previously dominant Mercedes team. Hell, even Kevin Magnuson and poor old Haas are doing well. It’s interesting what happens when a racing series makes a really absorbing product.

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