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Nikki Mildrin, one of the assistant coaches for the Marietta High School girls’ soccer team, spoke of supporting Bill Mannix, the soccer coach, at the Marietta City Schools Board of Education meeting in the high school auditorium. (Photo by James Dobbs)

The Marietta City School District Education Board announced that it will honor its existing contracts with football coaches at Thursday’s meeting.

Chairman Eric Reed was unable to attend the board meeting.

The school board met with several members of the girls’ soccer team, coaches and parents involved in the program.

In March 2021, an informal complaint meeting request was submitted by Amy Mendenhall, a Phillips Elementary School teacher, on the grounds that she was awarded the position of high school football coach for the 2021-22 school year.

Sam Totten, vice chairman of the board, said the grievance led to arbitration between the Marietta Education Association and the Marietta Board of Education. The arbitration ruling stated that the board of directors did not follow certain procedures and Mendenhall was considered “Minimum Qualifications” for this position. Its current contract states that a person who is minimally qualified to list an internal position is offered the position to an external applicant.

The Marietta High School girls’ soccer team showed their support for their coaches by attending and speaking on their behalf Thursday at the Marietta City Schools Board of Education meeting. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Girls’ soccer coach Bill Mannix was, in this case, an outside applicant, since he doesn’t work in the area. Mannix was offered the position due to his previous coaching experience.

“The referee just came back and said she should be hired as a coach and then pay for last year’s training season as well,” Toton said.

Nikki Mildrin, the girls’ assistant soccer coach, has spoken out in support of Mannix. I explained how many “free gift” she has “excellent” Coach like Mannix.

“He is very organized, hardworking and has a lot of energy to give, which is essential to building and supporting a great football programme.” She said. “He’s always running an exercise, mowing fields, raising money, planning, recruiting, or donating his time.”

Mildrin said changing the girls’ coaching staff before the season would change them A competitive mindset.

Sam Totten, Vice President of the Board of Directors, reads a statement from the President of the Marietta City Schools Board of Education, Eric Reed, who was unable to attend the school board meeting Thursday night. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Lexi Brown, the soccer player coming from a senior and girls team, spoke on behalf of the soccer team. She said that last year was the first year that the team qualified for the regional championship in 10 years.

“The reason this team is so successful is because of the bond this team has. We are a family.” She said. “I’ve never been part of a team that has been as close to the league as we have been. This team would never be where it is without Bill and Ben (Schinkel, assistant coach) devoting so much of their time to doing things like recruiting girls, looking after the field excellently, and always pushing us to be All that we are can be and many other things that the public does not see.”

The board voted and passed a resolution stating that it would abide by the procedures ordered by the arbitrator, as well as honor previous contracts and agreements it had with individuals working with the girls’ soccer program.

Totten said the coaches will remain in their current positions and Mindenhall has been offered the position of head coach for the 2022-23 school year. He said she has neither accepted nor denied the position for the time being.

Mannix said he’s been focusing on girls since the first day he started.

“A decision is a decision. It does not affect us either way.” He said after the meeting. “We’ll take advantage of Amy’s knowledge, add her to what we have on the cast and we’ll be fine.”

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