Matt Canada says Mason Rudolph has a “terrific opportunity” to start QB this year

When a player is added to a particular position it looks like there may be too many, we tend to immediately start doing the math and trying to see who might be on their way out. When the Pittsburgh Steelers recruited Chris Oldcon, speculation immediately began—or rather persisted—that Mason Rudolph, perhaps by trade, might be on his way out of Pittsburgh.

Based on how the Offseason has progressed so far, you’re not so sure. Overall, he outperformed the other quarterbacks, especially during the first three days of training camp. Some of that may be due to familiarity with the offense, but offensive coordinator Matt Canada confirmed earlier today that he is in the race to start, alongside Mitch Trubesky and Kenny Beckett.

“Fitness Trainer [Mike Tomlin] It’s been pretty obvious we’re building that on the resume and what they’ve done, so Mason’s got the second rep now, and roughly equal, maybe a little, a little bit lower than Mitch, he said, talking about playing the click-time request via 93.7 The Fan in an interview with Jeff Hathorn.

“He’s had a very fair chance so far in the camp,” he added. “He’s made a lot of plays at times, he’s played well at times for us and the organization and he has a great shot at it. He’s treated that way, and his history with our players and our system, in some cases, is definitely a positive for him.”

Since the spring, Rudolph has been taking the second-team representatives behind Trubisky, their big free-agent takeover, the previous year’s second draft pick and a four-year rookie, who has appeared twice in the post-season and Pro Bowl on his resume.

Of the three who competed for the primary position (Oldakon has not yet received a delegate in the team sessions), Rudolph had the most success, with the rookie Pickett, often taking in representatives of the third team, the greatest number of problems. But he’s also the least experienced, of course.

These are just three days of observations in a month-long process, however, working inside the stadium will largely determine how things go. In the end, what you do under the spotlight has more weight, although that doesn’t diminish the importance of working in training, whether it’s at Latrobe or at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

Year three receiver Chase Claepool told reporters earlier in the day ahead of training that Rudolph “doesn’t get enough praise” for his own performance, calling him the most accurate player on the list.

The Steelers organisation, from the coaching staff to the roster, clearly thinks of him more than the fans in general, as well as the media (including former Steelers players). We don’t know yet how all of this will happen, but the early days at St Vincent College tell us to remain open to the possibility of Rudolph opening the season as a start.

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