MLB Trade Deadline Rumors: Soto’s Lottery Reaches Four Teams; Yankees, Cardinals seek rotational promotions

There are only 2 days left until the August 2 MLB trade deadline, and the teams are no doubt laying the groundwork for any number of notable swaps. Others, meanwhile, are trying to figure out whether to buy, sell or hold as we work our way toward Tuesday. All of this means a daily dose of trade hype, and we’re here to round out Friday.

Soto lottery up to four teams

Negotiations are continuing over the possible trade of right-wing player Juan Soto. The field of suitors has been reduced to only four teams, According to Jim Bowden of CBS Sports HQ. Bowden also stated that things are moving “at a rapid pace” and it is very likely that Soto will reject any offer of extension made by the citizens.

Some of the more notable teams we’ve seen in Soto’s rumors have been the Cardinals and Padres, although nearly a dozen teams are mentioned and there’s no definitive word on which teams might make up the final four here.

The Yankees want to start promoting

The New York Yankees recently added quarterback Andrew Benintende to the fold, and it appears that their focus now on Deadline is on strengthening the rotation. Here’s the latest news from Jon Heyman:

“The Yankees throw in a wider net for starters, and it’s no surprise that they’re in Frankie Montas too. Luis Castillo seems to be their first choice, but Noah Sendergaard is third.”

This season the Yankees had one of the best laps in baseball to date, but concerns about dents in some corners of that turn and injury to Luis Severino mean they are looking for reinforcements. Castillo, the Reds’ right-hand man, is mostly the deadline promotion prize, so competition for him must be fierce. Failing that, Montas, first-rate, will be a catch now that he’s past his recent shoulder problems. For more modest goals, Heyman also lists Jose Quintana of the Pirates as well as Angels’ Syndergaard.

Cardinals target rotation upgrades

The St. Louis Cardinals – currently tied to the NL wild card finalist and within range of the NL Central League’s top-ranked Brewers – are said to be one of the teams with very real designs when relegating Juan Soto from the Patriots. However, at the same time, they required rotational processing, which was not deep from the start, it was fraught with injuries. Derek Gould of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that rotation is already a priority for the Cardinals’ front office as the deadline approaches. Additionally, the Cardinal wants to add important upgrades to the corps that used to be effective but is now struggling to fill the spots. Specifically, Goold reports that Montas and Pablo Lopez of the Marlins care about cards. Either would be a great promotion for St. Louis. Of course, competition is fierce on either arm.

White Sox not looking to sell

The Chicago White Sox, who were knocked out by the top-flight title in 2021 and the playoff berth in the abridged 2020 season, had high expectations coming into 2022. However, they’ve failed to meet those in a big way so far. Going into Friday’s roster, the Sox is 49-49 with a running margin of minus 19, which isn’t usually the profile for a team looking to add a cut in the deadline. However, thanks to the surrounding weakness in the American Central League, the White Sox are only three games off the top spot. Plus, the SportsLine Projection System gives them a 49.4 percent chance of achieving post-season — the highest odds of any team at AL Central.

Against this background, John Morosi reports that Sox GM Rick Hahn will not be looking to sell any notable names before the deadline:

Han previously hinted that adding to the to-do list would be a priority on Deadline, and they could also use a left-handed racket on the field (preferably at second base as well). At the very least, Sox’s character is keeping the band together in hopes that they can push the division’s title down the sprawl.

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