MLB Trade Deadline Tracker: Castillo Lands in Seattle

year 2022 MLB The deadline for trade is upon us, and a handful of teams seek new life through meaningful transactions.

This year’s trade deadline is a little later than usual, as teams have until 6 p.m. ET on August 2 to submit paperwork to the league’s desk to complete trades.

Below are the trade-offs that have occurred so far, along with scores for the larger transactions from the FOX Sports MLB book.

July 29: Seattle Mariners takes over Louis Castle From Cincinnati Reds

Key stats: At the time of the trade, the 29-year-old Castillo was a 4-4 through 14 starter with a 2.86 ERA and 90 strikes. He won the All-Star title this season for the second time in his career.

Who also participated? Noelfi Mart, Levi Studt, Edwin Arroyo and Andrew Moore will be relegated to the Reds.

why does it matter: The Mariners have one of two AL wild card positions as of Friday, and their on-court crew are fifth in the league in the ERA and ninth in wins. what does that mean? They are seeking to achieve all this through the acquisition of Castillo.

July 27: New York Yankees takes over Andrew Benintende From Kansas City Royals

Key stats: Through 93 games, Benintendi hit .320/.387/.398 (.785 OPS), with three home runs and 39 RBI.

Who also participated? The royal family acquired three show opportunities at TJ Sikkima, Chandler Champlain and Pick Way.

Yankees Trade Degree: a-

“Benintendi has proven himself as a high-friction, slightly above-average hitter with a good gait and average power who can provide enough defense at an off-court point. More solid than amazing this season despite the few All-Stars selected weeks in advance, Benintendi will deliver The Yankees lineup has a slightly different look when he arrives. He’s not a game-changer and changes the season by any means, but there is real value in having a high-contact left-handed stick, especially with Giancarlo Stanton arriving in IL this week.” – Jake Mintz

Proprietary Trade Degree: b +

“With Benintendi expected to arrive at free agency this winter, it makes perfect sense that the royals would have tackled him with a contender for a trio of possibilities: TJ Sikkema, Chandler Champlain and Beck Way. None of these three is a paradigm-changing talent, but there is a chance Good that at least one of them becomes a strong contributor to the big league.” – Mintz

Trade Yankees for Andrew Benintende

Trade Yankees for Andrew Benintende

Ben Verlander discusses what the New York Yankees trade means to Andrew Benintende for the team.

July 23: New York Mets takes over Daniel Fogelbach From Pittsburgh Pirates

Key stats: At trade time, Vogelbach has been hitting .228 with 12 home runs, .769 OPS and 117 OPS+ this season. He was hitting .260 with all his teammates, 896 OPS and 153 OPS+ against the right.

Who also participated? The Mets added a much-needed DH assist after obtaining left battingman Vogelbach for rookie loyalist Colin Holderman.

why does it matter: In 124 board appearances in trade time, the Mets DHs were hitting 0.152 with .458 OPS — the lowest of any team with 50 board appearances by left-handed DHs — and only one home run.

June 27: The Seattle Mariners are acquired Carlos Santana From Kansas City Royals

Key stats: Santana was hitting .216/.349/.341 (.690 OPS) with four homeowners and 21 RBI in 52 trade-time games.

Who also participated? Seattle DH/1B veteran right-handed pitchers added White Mills and William Fleming to the royal family.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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