Prince William trends on Twitter with this hateful title!

Prince William, aka the Duke of Cambridge, is trending on Twitter, although this is hardly a win for the royal family. Amidst all the instructive stories of Prince George and his siblings, as well as Kate Middleton doing her best as a member of the royal family, and the health of Queen Elizabeth; Twitter takes on Prince William and his less-than-tasty nickname.

The scandalous story came via noteworthy social media handler Deuxmoi, which focuses on unverified gossip. Remember to read this all with a pinch of salt, even if it came with a side meal of lemon and tequila…

The alleged case of Prince William


Unlike his father, and then his mother, who not only divorced but also became involved with various partners later in life, Prince William appears to be completely devoted to his wife, Kate Middleton, and his three children, Prince George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

However, when Kate Middleton got into a feud with her friend Rose Hanbury, who and her husband seemed to be close friends of the royal couple, tabloids and gossip columnists took to the action.

A lewd anecdote is presented, in which Prince William and Rose Hanbury are drawn to have an affair, but Kate Middleton did not care about the material aspect, but because of the “passionate” feelings that the Prince apparently developed for Rose.

Of course, this is all speculation, and there have been some efforts by Prince William’s lawyers to squash the rumours, calling it hurtful for all that it involves.

Then came a whole bunch of new rumours, because once the social media factories start spinning tales, it feels like a nuclear fission reaction, unstoppable and gathering strength on its own.

The royal family allegedly sacrificed Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

The stories of this affair soon began to fade, and instead, the new king of the press was Meghan Markle’s rifle range. Twitter has started down a whole new path of theories as Prince William and his legal/PR team had to cut a deal with the press that British tabloids would stop writing about him and his relationship and, therefore, he could write anything about Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to the royal family added fuel to the fire, especially as they later opened up about how the royal family had done nothing to protect Markle and the tabloids literally talked about it.

So far, according to the trend of the hashtag “#Princewilliamaffair” on Twitter, sentiment remains the same, with comments like:

But that’s not even half of it!

This is Prince William’s new nickname!

Prince William has a new nickname on Twitter

The new trending hashtag on Twitter, is “#PrinceofPegging” and the reasoning behind it is this Twitter post by Deuxmoi, which was sent anonymously, of course, which is almost unbearable for repetition, so here it is:

If you need to define binding, well, here it is, again.

Twitter is up and running in the meantime:

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