The Giants wasted chances of scoring in a 4-2 loss to the Cubs, and wasted Cobb’s great start

The start of promotion continues to be the real San Francisco Giants saving grace this season. With no offensive support, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the team in the playoffs match.

Alex Kopp turned in one of his best games of the season, allowing only three innings in six runs, but the Giants capitalized on multiple scoring opportunities in the 4-2 loss to the Cubs at Oracle Park. San Francisco is down eight of nine since the All-Star break and is 12-24 since June 19.

“Alex was great,” said second baseman Wilmer Flores. “He deserved to win.”

The Giants, who are mimicking a trend from their nightmare seven-loss run last week, scored late but not enough. Flores broke his No. 15 run of the season, with a two-round shot, off David Robertston, but Brandon Bilt stranded in second to finish the game – the Giants’ No. 13 runner left at base.

“We’re on the ropes at least three or four runs,” Cobb said. “We could have used the money and we weren’t able to do it. It didn’t go our way, but I think a lot of times when you play baseball well, you win the game. … you start stringing a lot of hits together, and it will start running into the crossover. “.

Cobb was quietly and deadly efficient on Friday, in the all-night strike zone with a fine group of snorkelers and splitters that unbalanced the cubs all night long; Cobb said the splitter was the best in years.

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