Top 5 East End summer activities to do before school starts

What a summer it has been so far. And while hard to believe, August is only a few days away. Now, there’s still a month to go to school, but August is the time we begin to remember that we are, in fact, students, as summer reading and shopping for school supplies are back on your to-do list. With the first day of school approaching in the not too distant future, be sure to have fun all summer by following this guide to the top five summer activities.

Sang Lee Farms produces in the East Hampton Farmers Market.Barbara Lassin

farmers markets

From organic produce to homemade jams and baked goods, farmers markets are committed to serving up delicious, fresh and local foods. Especially if you go to school in New York City, East End Farmers Markets offer a unique opportunity to take part in a rich cultural experience and enjoy some of the freshest produce, all while supporting local farmers. Make sure to savor the experience above the food!

Tubing is a fun and kid-friendly alternative to water skiing.
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water sports

With 10 months of dedicated study coming up in September, students should take part in this activity that provides enough adrenaline to carry them through the school year: water sports. From water skiing to tubing, water sports are a fun way to enjoy the water and summer weather. Prepare to rent a boat and/or jet ski before heading back to the busy classroom.

A bunch of ripe black berries on the vine
Many local farms have U-pick berry opportunities.
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picking berries

Aside from being refreshing and delicious, berries are a great source of fiber and nutrients. And on a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than a packet of fresh berries. Whether you’re looking for strawberries, blueberries or blackberries, there are many farms in the East End open to pick berries. Summer is the height of berry season. Go get some!

A campfire with tourists sitting around a bright bonfire near camping tent in the woods in a summer night background.  A group of students outdoors fueling a fire.  Travel and long weekend activity
Beach bonfires can be fun – with the right permits, of course.
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night at the beach

Everyone goes to the beach during the day, whether to swim in the ocean or to play spike ball with friends. However, the beach is less crowded at night. This void, combined with the sound of waves crashing on the shore, make for the perfect campfire – with s’mores of course. Don’t tell too many other people about this activity; Otherwise, everyone will rush to the beach to light bonfires at night! But in particular, don’t even think about starting a campfire before reading the beach rules you want to spend time on – some require permits, others prohibit fires entirely, so please be responsible.

Hamptons Mini Golf Hole 16
Hamptons Mini Golf Hole 16 Oliver Peterson

mini golf

For those who love golf but don’t have the patience to stand on the green for hours, mini golf is the perfect summer activity. For just $15, rent a paddle and some golf balls at Hamptons Mini Golf, an 18-hole mini golf course with historic landmarks in the Hamptons. Mini golf is a great activity for the last month of summer, and with a vanilla milkshake in hand, forget about it!

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