What does the box say: July 29

(About giving some veterans a day off on Fridays)

“Yeah, it’s a long season. It’s a long camp. Some guys will get days off from time to time, and today were some of those guys’ days.”

(If he has an update on C Ryan Jensen’s injury)

“I don’t know how serious that is, per se, but I know he will miss some important time, up to two months. Whether he comes back later in the season – November or December – depends on what they find in the knee, but he won’t be available in any soon “.

(in acute practice)

“It wasn’t hot today—they had a bit of a breeze. That had a little to do with it. But basically, the guys get it down and get their stuff done. The recipients do a good job. Gage has really been the one who stands out. I don’t think we’ve covered it yet.” He’s been doing really well the last couple of days. Again, I ran out of sanitary pads, but he’s a blinking guy and it shows speed and fluidity and everything else I’ve seen in the last couple of days.”

(OL Brandon Walton should get first-team representatives into the left guard)

“Okay, we’re mixing it up now. It’s powerful and it’s a wide open place. We just have to pick and choose where we’re at, who to put it on and get a good deal of time so we can see everyone and make an informed decision. But it’s hard, it comes to work every day, it’s in Early on. He has good technique, he has a lot of strength, so it will be a fight.”

(If Robert Heinse is currently the starting center)

“It’s going to be between Hainsey and Nick Leverett right now. Both of them played it. It’s going to be a tough fight. They’re both very smart, and they’re both very tough. It better happens now than in the middle of the season so these guys can get some training reps and get ready for it. I think. That any of them would be fine.”

(On how Haisey has improved over the past year)

“His film study is great. He was a strong young man. He comes from Notre Dame, he’s very smart, he can see defences, he can help the midfielder in that way. He can help the offensive line. He’s hardworking at that and he wants to be good. There’s not a day he doesn’t come and watch.” The tape. So, it’s just about putting it on tape and getting a chance to play.”

(On whether the hacker had discussions about bringing in a veteran free agent status)

“There were discussions but no intense discussions. We’ll see what’s out there and we’ll see what works for us. If we need to bring someone in, we’ll do it.”

(On what he saw on tape about how Jensen was injured)

“It was a four-man rush – it wasn’t anything extreme. It was just a serendipitous thing that happened. It’s part of football. It’s a pity that it happened. It could have happened anytime, anywhere. We feel bad for Ryan. Obviously it’s a big loss when you lose the All-Pro position, but there is a chance for other people to step up. And if that happens, it happens early enough that we can equip some players and we can adjust.”

(On how to balance that if the six or seven recipients the team keeps don’t contribute to special teams)

“We keep quite a few receivers. We keep quite a few receivers. You can offset that maybe with a narrow ends, on the inside [line]External Supporters [line]Boosters and bases, maybe a jog or two. There isn’t always a player in each position, and our 5th and 6th recipients will play teams anyway, so you always have two players. You rarely get three to play teams as a receiver.”

(W.R. Russell Gage Jr. was among those who participated in the return boat drill)

“Just looking at the options right now in case things happen. We kind of moved guys around a lot and we saw who could go out there and do things. So, you’ll see a lot of people doing things they wouldn’t normally do.”

(On how to fit the safety elements Keanu Neal and Logan Ryan in defence)

“I think they fit in great. They are both very smart, really professional and can play. They help the guys with the calls, they are very studious, they groom their bodies well, and they are great additions for us.”

(If it is true that players fighting for the last two points of the receiver will have to contribute to special teams)

“They’re going to have to be able to do both, yeah. They’re going to have to be able to do both, and once the sanitary pads are on and the pre-season matches come in, we’ll see what happens.”

(On how his thoughts on WR Julio Jones have evolved since Thursday)

“They haven’t changed. It’s attached to the system, so you can just put it there to do certain things. But [I’m] Excited for what he did yesterday, very happy for what he did today. We have to put it in the system and make sure it’s in good shape. He hasn’t been in any program as far as the team for the past two weeks, so we’re trying to monitor that situation as well.”

(running if Jones is in “camp shape”)

“I don’t think anyone is into camp. Sometimes you work out in these off-season things, and you exercise indoors. The heat of Tampa can get you into camp shape; that will come in a week or so.”

(On what he saw QB Kyle Trask with him getting in more cast on Friday)

“Just decisive – decisive for the most part. Knowing where to go with the ball, being comfortable in assembly, and leading the attack was great for him and for Balin[Gabbert]”[غاببرت}”[Gabbert}”

(On whether it makes sense to look for a position that has experience in the same way Julio Jones was signed for long-term depth)

“That makes sense, but he has to be the right guy. We can’t sign for a position because he has experience. He has to fit in with us, he has to be able to play. Signing Julio wasn’t just for the long term – it was just doing different things when attacking and being able to.” on replacing Gronk grips (Rob Gronkowski). Gronk had a lot of moments and appeared in a lot of areas. We’ll approach things a little differently since we’ve got a bunch of receivers. But we are always looking for an offensive lineman; He just has to be the right guy and he has to be fit. But we have to give the other two men a chance as well.”

(On how to expand the role of S Antoine Winfield Jr. this season)

“The important thing for Win is that he understands where his help is now. He will always be a playmaker. He will always be ready to play, he will hit, he will catch the ball. Understanding where his help is and taking advantage of situations is what he has been really focused on and we are happy where he is.”

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