Where did Tiger Woods finish the Open Championship?

Tiger Woods hits the tee on Tuesday during his Open Championship practice run.

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The 150th Open starts on Thursday, and for the first time since May and the PGA Championship, we’ll see Tiger Woods. He will play his favorite role and in a place where he won twice. But can Woods really struggle? What is your expectation for him this week?

Sean Zack, Senior Editor (Tweet embed): He’s shown a great ability to make the cut this year, and I expect the same thing to happen this week. And a better weekend, too. But disagreement? Nah. T34.

James Colgan, Assistant Editor (Lord save her): Agreed, Zack. I think it’s reasonable to expect Tiger’s best performance for 2022 this weekend. As for how does that look? He scored me in T8, and lots of tearful eyes when he crossed Swilcan on Sunday.

Alain Bastable, Executive Editor (Tweet embed): His game could definitely rival – he’s still one of the best irons on the planet, and with the speed and pack of Ye Olde Course, Woods’ cunning would put him in good stead. I fear for his body, though. His constant descent off the Suilkan Bridge last night made me pause for a while. He looked sad and trembling. Still, Tiger gonna Tiger: solo 21st.

The 2022 Open flag waving in the wind in St Andrews

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Josh Sens, senior writer (Tweet embed): Mind is still willing, and it’s in Tiger’s case plenty to make the cut. But I think we’ll need more extreme weather, and for Woods to get on the good side of the tie, to come close to winning this thing. Without wilderness conditions, there would be plenty of big guns in the mix so Tiger could shoot them all.

Nick Piastovsky, Senior Editor (Tweet embed): I’d go the optimistic route and say he finished 10th. I’ve mentioned it before, but I think if Tiger is going to score himself to play, he thinks he can be competitive. And I love this confidence.

Josh Berhau, Managing Editor (Tweet embed): Looking at his play since his comeback, I don’t see him having a great week here. I know he’s had a great history, it’s an easier, (relatively) flat walk for him, and he’s been on the run all year, but I don’t see that – at least given all the evidence we have to look at. He wouldn’t be in disagreement, and I’m not sure he’s making the cut. I think he will hardly miss him.

Luke Kerr Denen, Game Improvement Editor (Tweet embed):The funny thing about Tiger Woods, this week and frankly every discipline he plays in, is that he has the opposite problem to everyone else. Lay it on the extension leaving a few holes, and that extra pressure will probably help. He’s still Tiger Woods in mind and heart, after all. He can still beat anyone. The problem is Getting We pass up to that point, which I can’t foresee happening. He’ll cut, then throw in one rusty round where he can’t do anything and his body just doesn’t feel good. The lower end of the top 25 sounds around right.

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