Who is the best active player born in the NHL?

A quick question for you heading into the long weekend of BC. Who is currently the best BC-born player in the National Hockey League?

Duncan Keith recently called it a career, and injuries have forced both Shea Weber and Brent Seabrook to step back. So it looks like there has been some kind of shift when it comes to the best players from this province.

Jimmy Penn and Brendan Gallagher used to be in this conversation, but that was six or seven years ago. Age and years of distinguished service seem to have absorbed both.

Perhaps you can include Carrie Price in the mix, too, with the uncertainty about his future and the fact that he’s a few weeks shy of his 35th birthday.

And of course it shouldn’t be many years before Conor Bedard has been the right answer to that question for the better part of a decade, with fellow hockey-ball player Kent Johnson not far behind.

But there is not yet.

So who currently holds the title of Best British Columbia in the National Hockey League?

Is it Evander Kane, who appears to have managed to get his career back on track after a difficult start to last season?

Is it fellow Euler Ryan Nugent Hopkins, who has been a consistent work horse for many years now in Edmonton?

Sam Reinhart had his best 33 goals and 82 points of the season in Florida. You should give him some attention.

Morgan Riley still seems underappreciated in my mind, after all his years in the league. The West Fan native and Leafs Bluelin strongman scored a 72-point season in the last full season before COVID and collected 68 points last year.

Ryan Johansen made a comeback in Nashville, scoring 26 goals and 63 points. Port Moody’s pride took third place with two goals behind Reinhart and Rielly among all the BC boys last season.

That means Johansen produced a man like Matt Barzall, who slipped to just 59 points on the island last season, but he still deserves a lot of attention when you think about the original question.

To be fair to the goalkeeper’s group, and as Carrie Price fades as the sun sets, let’s throw in the bone of Delta’s Tristan Gary.

And that leaves us with three other candidates, all playing on defence.

Abbotsford’s Devon Toyos had a season, collecting 57 points and winning the Stanley Cup in Colorado.

His young teammate Bowen Byram doesn’t have the working group yet at the big league level who really deserves a place in this discussion, but it probably won’t be long until he does.

And last but not least, Aldergrove’s Shea Theodore is doing everything well and has emerged as a top-ranked defender in the league, and should be near the top of any such list.

We may not be in the golden age of Joe Sakic, Paul Carria, Mark Rickey and our good friend Ray Ferraro.

But as we all stop by for the long weekend to celebrate all that is good about living in this wonderful county, let’s take a second to salute the current group of BC boys who are making their mark in the National Hockey League.

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