WI vs. Ind, 1st T20I

Ravindra Jadeja frustratedly passes his racket across logs after carving zari Joseph right into the short third. India is 138 for 6 out of 16 against at a two-pace pitch in Taroba. Jason Holder and his buds regularly advance and keep the ball out of reach of the hitters. The West Indies feel like they’re onto something, with a crowd gathered around them.

Dinesh Karthik, however, crashed the West Indies party, in their first international match at Brian Lara Stadium, with 19 balls 41 unbeaten extending India to 190 for 6. On a tough surface, where wickets fell in sets, Karthik is the only Indian batter Who hit more than 150.

After expertly completing rounds for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, and for India in the T20Is against South Africa at home, Karthik has completed another action, this time in the Caribbean, cementing his case for India’s inclusion in the XI in the T20 World Cup that begins in October Later this year in Australia.

Since the start of IPL 2022, Karthik has reached 210.91 on death in T20 cricket. Of those who played at least ten rounds during this period, only Tim David (226.72) and James Nesham (220.45) had a better strike rate.

Sure, Karthik trained the house for the wrestler role, but the circumstances and conditions were against him on Friday. He had 17 of 12 balls in one stage; There were no suitable hitting options for India after him, and the ball continued to stop at the hitters. However, there will be no stopping Karthik.

When Holder missed Yorker, Karthik moved in and threw everything in a swipe that sailed over halfway for six. Holder then circled his stumps and drew a long ball at an angle across him but Karthik stretched out like Mr. Fantastic from the Marvel Universe and scattered him on the covers, where there was no protection at the rear, for four. To add to the West Indies injury, they can only have four players outside the 30-yard circle due to a penalty per game due to their slow rate.

Karthik hit them the most at the last end by hitting the ball over the field for another forty and six. At that end, Karthik used a higher back force, noting the first slip, similar to AB de Villiers to generate additional force against changes made by Obed McCoy.

At the other end, Ashwin sat down and gushed: “nalaruko [This is good], DK! Back in the day, Ashwin was among those who used to travel to Chepauk just to watch Karthik bat. Karthik is now at the height of his power and has so much clarity and confidence in the role that he can succeed as a Terminator no matter what.

“I’ve been enjoying it [the finisher’s role] Much; “It’s a very interesting role,” Karthik said in the post-match presentation after receiving the Man of the Match award. “It’s not something you can get along with, but on the days you do well, you can make an impact on the team. You need the support of the captain and coach that I have so much, and that really helps.

“What is important is to rate the wicket. On any given day in the last four or five times when you hit, there are a lot of things to be aware of — the shape of the ball, the softness of the ball, [the nature of] The wicket, what kind of shots you can play, and then you decide. That comes with a little practice and an understanding of the different aspects of hitting.”

Karthik has always been big on training and playtime. Ahead of the 2022 IPL tournament, he traveled to Theni, which is located about 500 km from Chennai, to play the T20 Championship of India Cement Club. Prior to the Caribbean Tour, when Karthik needed some time to play, he traveled to Coimbatore to play a T20 for his team, The Tiupur Tamizans, on an idle rooftop.

He continued to put all these preparations to excellent use and prove people wrong, at the age of 37. Speaking on the BeerBiceps podcast, Karthik’s confidant Shanker Basu, who is also a fitness coach for the Royal Challengers, revealed that he has ruled out an international return from Karthik.

Karthik has made such a strong comeback that the Indian team’s management is now open to switching the position of other hitters to allow him to do his work on death. He has even led the Indians in two T20s warm-up rounds in England and, after his latest feat, is now a step closer to locating the striker in the upcoming T20 World Cup Finals.

Deivarayan Muthu is sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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