Edmonton Oilers legend Kevin Lowe is retiring from the team’s front office

Former Edmonton Oilers player Kevin Lowe speaks during his retirement ceremony in Edmonton on November 5, 2021. The Edmonton Oilers FC have announced that Lowe will be retiring from his position at the team’s front office.Jason Franson/The Canadian Press

Kevin Lowe’s post-hockey to-do list has been growing for years.

The Edmonton Oilers legend sat down with his wife at the end of the NHL season and wrote down all the places they wanted to go, the things they wanted to do.

Looking at the results, Lowe realized it was time to move away from Oilers’ front desk. On Tuesday, he retired from his position as vice president and alternate governor.

It’s exciting,” Lowe told the Canadian Press. “I am 63 now. I would have liked to spend a little more time with family and grandchildren and maybe see a little bit of the world that I haven’t seen. So I thought I’d better start now. You never know what lies ahead.”

He will remain with the team as an ambassador, and with travel plans, five children and grandchildren (so far), the Hall of Fame defenseman expects to keep busy.

“I’m still going to be in the game as an ambassador, I’d like to go out on the speaking tour, I’d like to write a book. There is a lot to do in the future,” Lowe said. “But not sticking to an expected schedule, being employed by the organization, frees me to stick my finger in the wind and see what He is there.”

His retirement marks the end of more than 40 years with the Oilers.

Lowe was the first-ever team selection in the NHL in 1979. He won five Stanley Cups with Edmonton and helped the New York Rangers to the championship title in 1994.

Lashott’s native, Keough, retired from playing in 1998 after amassing 431 points (84 goals, 347 assists) and 1,498 penalty minutes across 1,254 NHL regular season games with the Oilers and Rangers.

“We had a great group, especially in the early days. I have been fortunate to work with so many good people,” he said. “Winning the first cup is always the most important moment.”

He served as Edmonton’s coach during the 1999-2000 season and as the club’s general manager from 2000 to 2008.

Hockey has changed dramatically during Lowe’s tenure in the NHL and the longtime CEO has said he is proud of his role in helping shape the way the game is played.

Lowe was part of the competition committee that introduced a number of changes aimed at increasing scoring chances in 2005. The new rules reorganized the lines on the ice, reduced the size of goalkeeper equipment and introduced penalty kicks for games that remain restricted after five minutes of hindsight. the time.

“The game has changed a lot, all for good,” Lowe said of the league’s current producer on ice.

In 2002, Lowe was part of the management group for the Canadian men’s hockey team that won Olympic gold in Salt Lake City. He was also the manager of the Canadian national team that finished first in the 2004 Hockey World Cup.

Lowe was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2020 and awarded the Canada Hockey Medal in 2021. The fourth-placed Oilers retired in November 2021.

“Very little has had an impact on Kevin, both on and off the ice,” Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson said in a statement Tuesday. “He exemplifies leadership and has done so much to help connect the organization with our fans, while supporting many worthwhile causes in our community.

“He is a teammate, leader and friend to many in the organization and we congratulate him on an amazing career and are excited for this next chapter in his career.”

After more than four decades with the Oilers, Lowe said what remains is how important the team is to Edmonton and the fans.

“I could still go pretty much anywhere in the country and people would cite the ’80s or a certain moment they remember,” he said. “Across the country, it’s like living in a small town. It speaks to me about how important hockey is to Canadians.”

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