Lufthansa Miles & More 1.5X Status & HON Circle Miles for Lufthansa Group Flights until December 31, 2022

Lufthansa Miles & More Announcing a new campaign, Introducing 1.5X & HON Circle Miles for flights with all Lufthansa Group airlines from July 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022.

This will be a direct extension of the current promotion that ends on June 30, 2022 where members will earn double miles on their eligible flights.

The promotion does not require active registration and miles will be automatically credited to the post-flight activity of the member’s account, starting from the start of this campaign.

Here is another great opportunity to qualify or re-qualify for Lufthansa Miles & More Status and the promotion is really clear this time:

  • 1.5x Status and HON Circle Miles for flights with all Lufthansa Group airlines until December 31, 2022

Reach out to Lufthansa Miles & More for exact details of this offer here.

You will continue to earn a lot of miles for your status. Until 31.12.2022you will receive 1.5 times the case and mileage circuit HON On your flights with Lufthansa Group airlines and selected airline partners1. Enjoy a comfortable boot as usual and secure your case at the same time.

1. Your quote Miles and More Service card number when booking or present at check-in.

2. Your bonus status and HON Circle miles will be automatically credited to your miles account.

3. No registration required.

This should be a good mileage boost for members who have booked on Lufthansa group tours for the next four months. It was really easy to get Lufthansa status last year and now it looks like the party will continue in 2022 which is excellent for those who weren’t able to re-qualify last year due to the “dead year” that applies when a member has already qualified up front for two consecutive years.

All Miles & More members need to do for this purpose is fly and deposit the itinerary into their Miles & More account. The reward should be added immediately or shortly after the trip if the current campaign is any indication.


Another great opportunity to earn Miles & More status. Let’s see if I can find some interesting fare to rehabilitate my Senate status this year even though I still have the Gold Alliance Gold for Singapore Airlines. With this extension to the previous promotion (even with a slightly reduced bonus), members will have pretty much the whole year to qualify for their dual tier quickly.

With the Senator being good for two years, it’s definitely something to consider especially when there are some excellent fares available in the market and Covid isn’t throwing another wrench into travel plans by the time fall comes.

that’s it Terms and Conditions For this campaign:

Miles and More Members will earn 1.5 times the status and HON Circle miles on flights during the travel period of 1.7. to 31.12.2022. This also applies to status and HON Circle miles awarded through the Executive Bonus.

This promotion is valid on all flights with Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, Edelweiss Air, Eurowings, Eurowings Discover), as well as with Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish and Luxair in any case. HON Circle miles. No registration required. You must quote your own Miles and More The service card number must be included at the time of booking your flights. The bonus miles will be credited to you automatically after your flight.

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