Possible settlement in defunct Badlands golf course case collapses

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – What a difference he makes today.

On Monday, KTNV reported a potential solution is in the works between the City of Las Vegas and developer of the defunct Badlands golf course.

Now, 13 detectives learn that the settlement may be expired.

The city of Las Vegas to consider settling in a fight over the defunct Badlands Golf Course

As of Monday, the settlement was on the city council’s agenda for discussion Wednesday morning.

According to notes on the agenda item, the developer, Yohan Lowie, says it is willing to accept a payment of $49 million as well as the city’s agreement to pay up to $15 million to cover the cost of constructing sanitation facilities on the property. .

Another blow to Las Vegas if Badlands Golf Course shuts down

However, earlier today we started hearing about a possible crash.

13 detectives reached out to City Councilman Victoria Seaman, who sent us this statement:

“For the past several months, I have been working on a settlement attempt between the Badlands developer and the City of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I must report that negotiations on that settlement broke down today, just a day before Agenda Item 28 was heard. I have done everything in my power to bring between the two sides. However, I must unfortunately report that negotiations between the two sides’ lawyers have reached a dead end.”

Court ruling adds $11 million to Badlands’ growing legal tab

In response, Lowe’s attorney sent us this comment:

“Negotiations did not collapse. An agreement was reached on settlement terms that were required by the city to be put on the agenda for consideration by the city council. On Monday, the city attempted to change the terms that nullified the agreement. This reflects the city’s behavior over the past eight years.” .

Golf developer seeks more money in the Battle of Badlands

District court judges ruled in Lowe’s favor that finding the City of Las Vegas illegally prevented him from developing the land and that constitutes a government that takes it without compensation.

Court battles incur a large bill for taxpayers, and the cost is now around $50 million.

The battle over the badlands reaches boiling point

The City of Las Vegas has appealed at least one ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court. That was in a case involving about 30 acres of a former golf course.

The battle continues on the Badlands of Las Vegas

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