Steelers in the ropes: Mitch Trubesky continues to fail to get into the end zone

Forget the long scoring drives. In the training camp simulator, Mitch Trubesky He has trouble taking the offense into the end zone due to four plays from 2 yards.

Trubisky, the free agent’s signature, has taken first-team reps in every segment of every training at the Pittsburgh Steelers camp to date. While simulating a two-point conversion to open the traditional practice known as seven shots, he hasn’t thrown a successful pass into the end zone since the first day the drill was done.

The offense was not scored by any of Trubisky’s four representatives on Tuesday, extending his unsuccessful seven-shot streak to 14. Although Trubisky has completed two passes in that time – including a shovel pass to a narrow end Kevin Rider On Tuesday – neither made it to the finish zone. The only successful seven shots Trubisky directed since last Thursday was when Nagy Harris Run the ball through one of the four reps on Monday.

Trubisky also had an unsuccessful scramble last Thursday, the day after the first seven rounds of camp. On the first day, she scored the offense in three of Trubisky’s four shots.

• Trubisky’s struggle extends beyond seven shots. On Tuesday, the 11th to 11th late rehearsal had Trubisky gone 0 for 4 with an interception (by Damontay Kazi) and what could have been a cyst. The recent 7-on-7 period featured three short passes at or near the scrimmage line to tight ends or a rider’s back (only one was completed), although one of Trubisky’s representatives in that period was a pressed ball delivered to Cody White above the middle. But this is perhaps the only advantage of Trubisky when throwing all the practice.

• Mason Rudolph It was the most memorable throw of the day, the ball that fell into the hands of a fast novice Calvin Austin III As Austin was running a step down the left sideline. The ball traveled about 35 yards down the field, and Austin overpowered Linden Stevens In the play, he ran the last 30 yards for a touchdown.

• Rudolph once again directs the attack of the third team and the rookie Kenny Beckett He was with the second team players for the second day in a row. Beckett’s previous two workouts could arguably be his best in camp after Rudolph was generally the best of the three quarterbacks in the first four days. It may not be entirely a coincidence that all too often, the No. 2 quarterback was the best of the bunch on a given day. A common feature is developed in the trenches: the first team’s offensive line is dominated by the seventh defensive front of the first team, the second team’s offensive line is superior to the second team’s defense line and the third team’s defensive frontal controls are superior to the offensive line. Third team offensive line.

Kendrick Green The representatives of the first team took over the left guard, and continued to rotate with them Kevin Dotson. Inside the full back, turnover Devin BushAnd the Jack Miles And the Robert Spillane I continued.

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