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Hello friends! It’s me, Karina Garrity, your host for The Haddams-Killingworth Daily. Let’s start this weekend off right, with a quick guide to the hottest things happening in the city these days.

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Here are today’s top three stories at The Haddams-Killingworth:

  1. Mark your calendars for the Haddam Historical Society-Thankful Arnold House Museum Fall House Tour scheduled for October 8, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The Haddam Historical Society will host “New Faces, Old Places: The Next Generation of Historic Homeowners.” According to a Facebook post about the event, guests will have the unique opportunity to visit six architecturally distinctive properties in Hadam and Higanum, which are loved and respected by their young owners. The heroes of the old house have carefully restored and curated their historic residences to suit diverse lifestyles including young families of tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Some have been rescued from the brink of destruction and others have been carefully rehabilitated to suit modern lifestyles. Tickets are $35 up front, $40 per day of the tour and will be on sale at the end of summer. (Haddam Historical Society-Thankful Arnold House Museum via Facebook)
  2. With $200,000 in federal funding, Connecticut will improve ferry services. According to a CT Insider article currently, “The state Department of Transportation owns and operates two seasonal ferries across the Connecticut River. One ferry runs between Rocky Hill and Glastonbury, while the other travels between Chester and Hadlem. Funding usually goes to the construction of ferry boats, terminals and ferry maintenance facilities. The money could also go toward transportation vehicles like buses and shuttles to carry passengers, according to the Federal Highway Administration.” (CT ​​Insider)
  3. While reported COVID-19 cases in the state were similar to last week’s levels, hospitalizations continued to increase. According to an article written by Patch Staffer Rich Scinto, “Connecticut reported 4,798 cases over seven days Thursday and a positive test rate of 11.75 percent. 4,789 cases were reported in last week’s report and a positive test rate of 11.79 percent. The number of cases increased as the number of patients transferred hospitalized due to COVID-19 with a net ratio of 24 patients to 352 patients since last Thursday. The state also reported 28 more deaths, bringing the state’s total to 11,130. (Patch)

Today in Haddams-Killingworth:

  • Storytime On the Go – Killingworth Library (9 a.m.)
  • Model Regatta vs Brainerd Library (11 a.m.)

From my notebook:

  • Connecticut Horse Rescue Project: “If you thought Tinker couldn’t be cuter or more handsome—well, surprise him! Tinker has one blue eye and one brown eye. In horses, the blue eye is referred to as the wall’s eye.” (Connecticut Horse Rescue Project via Facebook)
  • Goodspeed Musicals: We’re excited to announce that Kate Baldwin will play Dorothy Brooke and Max von Essen will play Julian March in Goodspeed’s upcoming production of “42nd Street!” (Goodspeed Musicals via Facebook)
  • Connecticut Horse Rescue Project: “The favorite thing about the rescue is hosting special group tours for community organizations. This week we opened our gates to the Time Out Foundation, an organization that combines the unique healing qualities of horses, the wild outdoors, with therapeutic guidance and counseling to make a difference in the lives of children and adults. The organization is located in This 35-acre farm in Lakeview, CT, offers equine-assisted therapy and equine care, wildlife-based therapeutic guidance, alternative educational intervention, counseling, volunteer work, and riding lessons for all ages and levels.” (Connecticut Horse Rescue Project via Facebook)
  • Killingworth Volunteer Fire Co.: “Thank you to everyone who came to support the Killingworth Fire Company on Saturday 30th July and purchased T-shirts and hats and made a generous donation. We will be selling more T-shirts to continue our 75th birthday celebration on August 13th from 8am to noon at Killingworth Transfer Station. We will be selling T-shirts in sizes Various plus hats for $20. We hope to see you there but if you can’t, we’ll be at Barmley Farm’s artisan market on September 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. next to the Fire Company food booth.” (Killingworth Volunteer Fire Co., Ltd.) via Facebook)

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