10 American destinations you need to visit in October

There is just something about October that motivates people to travel and embark on a new adventure before the end of the year. Tree leaves begin to change color, painting the landscape in an explosion of orange, red, and yellow. October marks the beginning of autumn, and with it comes a sense of change and renewal.

The 10 American destinations you need to visit in October offer a chance to enjoy the outdoors before the winter months come. After a long summer in the sun, it’s time to head out to a few of the most amazing spots our amazing country has for a show.

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10 Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is an enchanting place to experience the changing seasons. As the seasons transition from summer to fall in Yellowstone National Park, visitors can expect to see a variety of landscapes, from breathtaking landscapes to abundant wildlife throughout the park. October is a particularly lovely time to visit, as the park is covered in an array of vibrant hues, making hiking or biking the Yellowstone trails charming. Autumn is also a perfect time for wildlife viewing as the animals prepare for the long winter. Lucky visitors are often rewarded with sightings of bison grazing on the grass and elk in the woods.

9 Asheville, North Carolina

There’s a reason the small town of Asheville often tops lists of fall “must-see” destinations so often. By October, Asheville has transformed from a lush green landscape to a tapestry of red, orange, and yellow that blasts against the clear blue sky. October is also the time when many travelers take a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds its way nearly 500 miles through the mountains of western North Carolina. The views from the Parkway are especially stunning in October when the leaves are at their peak color.

8 Telluride, Colorado

Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Telluride gives visitors year-round outdoor adventures and dazzling vistas. Photographers can be found casting their lenses at the iconic Dallas David while hikers take their time strolling the cliffside sides of the Via Ferrata. The town also offers free gondola rides, which will give you another perspective of this amazing mountain town. For those who have less time to spend in Telluride, consider driving along one of the many mountain passes such as Imogene Pass or Black Bear Pass, but be warned that these routes require a four-wheel drive vehicle.

7 Kauai, Hawaii

By October, most of the crowds have dispersed from the island of Hawaii, and the weather is a bit chilly, making it one of the best times to visit. This is the perfect time to go to the famous Kalalau Trail, or any of Kauai’s other great hikes, to enjoy the enchanting panoramic views or head to Hanalei Bay for a snorkeling adventure. If you want a more relaxed outing, head to Port Allen Marina and consider a sunset dinner cruise on a catamaran. No visit to Kauai would be complete without a visit to Tunnels Beach, a favorite with locals and visitors due to its stunning vistas and shallow coral reefs that are perfect for snorkeling.

6 Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson is often referred to as “Jackson Hole” by outsiders in Wyoming who confuse the valley for the city, but there are no bad choices for travel destinations in October. Camping in Grand Teton National Park or fishing in Lake Jackson are great ways to enjoy the fall days. There are many wildlife tours that will bring you closer (but not too close) to the beautiful creatures that roam the area, while those looking for a slower pace will enjoy a peaceful drive through the Grand Tetons. Often considered one of America’s best drives, this stretch of road embarks on a 42-mile scenic journey that brings them close to the mountains and diverse wildlife that calls the national park home.

5 Sun Valley, Idaho

Known as a resort in the winter, Sun Valley is a gorgeous gem that deserves a spot on your travel list this fall. As its name suggests, Sun Valley gets more than its fair share of bright, sunny days, making it the perfect place to beat those post-summer blues. Anglers will love casting their line just north of town into the Salmon River or picking a spot along the Big Wood River to try their luck at dinner of the night. The nearby Sawtooth Mountain Range offers miles of hiking and cycling trails as well as scenic camping sites to enjoy the great weather that the Sun Valley has to offer.

4 Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a great place to visit any time of the year, but October can be the best month ever. Millions of visitors frequent this national treasure every year, making it one of the most popular national park destinations in the United States. Trekkers enjoy nearly 800 miles of trails, while animal lovers head to the Catalucci Driving Trail to catch glimpses of the park’s elk, turkey, and other wildlife groups. The park also offers white water rafting, horseback riding trails, and ziplining.

3 Jeffersonville, Vermont

Jeffersonville is a small town in New England mostly known for its famous family resort Smuggler’s Notch. Despite its small stature, Jeffersonville is a well-known area for visitors who love the outdoors and enjoy changing foliage. Outdoor adventurers love the hiking, canoeing, and kayaking options the area offers, and with tourists often drawn to the brighter areas all season, you won’t have to worry about overcrowding and spoiled landscape shots of the natural beauty that surrounds the village.

2 Yosemite National Park, California

As you head west to California’s Yosemite National Park, you’ll want to pack your camera and walking stick, read the guide to help you navigate them all, and grab some extra layers for warmth. During October, temperatures often hover around the 70-degree mark of highs while lows can dip into the 40s, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing one of America’s most beautiful destinations. The park offers incredible photography opportunities and stunning mountaintop views of Yosemite Valley. The brave can try to climb to the top of the famous Half Dome, while stargazers will have ample moments to enjoy a meteor shower or star fall on clear, cool nights.

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1 Hudson Valley, New York

Stretching along the Hudson River from Westchester County to Albany, the Hudson Valley is known for its vineyards and plantations, but in the fall, it transforms into a fall foliage haven. Visitors from all over the world descend on areas like Minnewaska State Park to enjoy the change of seasonal fall. Other visitors enjoy picking their own fruit in some of the valley’s many famous orchards or sipping on locally sourced cider before setting off in Harried. A single visit to the Hudson Valley will send travelers home with a clear understanding of why this is one of the best destinations to visit in October.

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