10 anime trends we’re glad they’re gone

The anime has gone through many changes over the years. It has evolved into an entirely new medium since its early days and has made its way into the mainstream. As the anime has changed, it has developed a lot of notable trends that define every decade and era. Some of these characteristics are still a huge part of animation today, standing the test of time and becoming a well-known staple in the medium.

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However, not all anime trends last. Many have come and gone in the blink of an eye, and with more series being released now than ever, this is becoming more and more frequent. While fans mourned the loss of some of the previous anime trends, most of them have become ancient relics that everyone is happy to get rid of.

10 Anime now has a lot of useless fillers

One of the things that anime has been known for over the years is that there are a lot of pointless filler episodes. Many series have loaded up on fillers in the past, to buy time while waiting for the manga’s story to progress. titles like Inuyasha And the Naruto She became famous for her stuffing, and many fans are trying their best to skip these episodes.

While padding is still a reality, nowadays anime is much less than it is, much to the delight of fans. In general, modern animation remains close to the manga, and most episodes are worth the plot in some way.

9 A series with hundreds of episodes is a thing of the past

It used to be a popular trend for anime series to last forever, featuring hundreds of episodes during their time on the air. This was especially true for genres like shounen that rely on fight scenes that last for several episodes. While more content is always great, long series like this can be daunting to try and start this long series for new fans.

Fortunately, modern anime series tend to stick to a fixed number of episodes, which makes them more accessible for newcomers. Longitudinal anime is perfect for committed fans who are accustomed to length, but with anime moving into the mainstream, it’s nice that the trend is becoming a thing of the past.

8 Harem anime gold of favor

During the 1990s and 2000s, harem anime was huge. They were a part of just about every genre, and it was impossible to get away from them. However, in the modern anime scene, the harem series can’t compete. Many fans have grown to hate the trend, seeing it as overused and too focused on fan service.

There are still harems here and there, especially in the isekai type. However, these series are often criticized by viewers and most of them look on the side of the harem. Although it was once a funny and popular dynamic, it has become too much and in bad taste over the years, and no one really misses it.

7 Poorly translated Dubs are few and far between

During the anime’s early days, dubbing was often notorious. It’s a big reason why there is such a fiery sub vs dub debate today. Many of the early dubbings were poorly translated and had terrible voice acting that usually failed to match the characters.

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Some argue that this is still a problem today, but even the biggest dubbing haters have to admit that dubbing has come a long way from the start. Nowadays, most of them are very loyal to the source material and have better representation all the time. Although the old diplomas are funny and interesting in their own right, modern ones have finally gotten rid of them and are much better.

6 Most of the bad endings for the anime are only finished

It is well known that anime is often broadcast along with their manga. So when the series joins the manga story, they have to start relying on fillers. Sometimes, the anime got to the point of creating their own endings, rather than waiting for the manga to finish first. Only anime endings aren’t always bad, but they’re usually poorly received by fans who prefer the manga story to whatever the anime comes with.

However, some of them are really bad and completely destroy the anime adaptation, like the endings soul eater And the Fullmetal Alchemist. This used to be a much bigger problem within the anime, but not anymore, most series tend to stay true to the source material as much as possible, making for a better fan experience.

5 Boring protagonists and empty aliens are hard to reach

One of the things that many anime have struggled with in the past is the empty boring protagonist. Usually, this main character is an above average guy who does not have memorable features or abilities. However, he always ends up being somewhat of a pick-me-up, or supernatural beauty in his head.

These heroes still make an occasional appearance, but thankfully they’ve become few and far between. Even when the average protagonist appears in the present, he usually has more personality and is more likeable than those before him.

4 ‘Prince’ characters are now relics of a forgotten trend

During the 1990s and 2000s, many anime series featured a beautiful boy “prince” that the main female would instantly fall in love with. This character archetype has been ubiquitous in the Magical Girl and Shoujo series, a notable example being Yuki Sohma from fruit basket.

Many of these characters had little personality outside of being cute, handsome, and “princely” and yet the heroine was somehow totally fascinated by him. These days, this archetype has long been forgotten, replaced by more thoughtful and thoughtful characters.

3 Male and female characters in violent relationships use slapstick, but not anymore

For a long time, the main male and female characters in a series often had very bad and unhealthy relationships. Regardless of the genre, this has almost always been the case, with goofy and hateful main guys always getting beaten up by a very angry main girl.

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The public used to find this routine funny, but now it makes fans uncomfortable. Fortunately, the characters are usually more embodied in modern animation, with the main pair showing more affection and support for each other than in the past.

2 Comic relief characters are less annoying and more sophisticated

Anime often relies heavily on comics, regardless of genre. As a result, there is usually a particular comic relief character that is often used as a running top. While these characters are fun, they get old when seeing the same annoying character over and over again. In recent years, the characters of funny comics have flourished with more depth than before.

Many are portrayed with the same respect as the rest of the cast, evolving over time to become more than just golf for the group. It’s refreshing to see these characters taken more seriously these days, and that makes the series more enjoyable overall.

1 Arabizations no longer add Western names and culture

Anime fans mostly agree that the anime with subtitles is much better than the dubbed English versions, and the main reason for this is due to the many poor subtitles in the past. Many anime diplomas have been censored and altered over the years, often losing much of the original subtext in the process.

What makes it worse is when the translation changes names and throws in Western culture that didn’t exist originally. Some of the most famous examples include the 1990s sailor moonAnd the 4Kids version of Yu-Gi-Oh. Fortunately, anime localization is treated with more respect these days and the integrity of the original is preserved.

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