3 Reasons Mariners Are Contenders in the World Series After MLB Trade Deadline

The Seattle Mariners are looking to shake off their 20-year drought. It’s the sport’s longest drought, calling for Seattle’s playoff appearance. However, one has to wonder if he could do more than just sneak into the playoffs. The Mariners were promoted ahead of the MLB trade deadline and appear to be a legitimate threat in the MLS.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why Seattle is now a world championship contender.

3 Reasons Mariners Are Contenders in the World Series After MLB Trade Deadline

sneaky good moves

No, this is not talking about Luis Castillo. That was a good move, but it wasn’t sneaky. However, Seattle has made some moves that have flown under the radar.

The Mariners acquired LHP Matthew Boyd and C Curt Casali from the San Francisco Giants. These acquisitions are by no means surprising. Both Boyd and Casale are injured at the moment.

Casali is expected to be back fairly soon and will be a valuable piece of depth at the catcher’s location. He offers a bit of offensive prowess, but understands how to handle the alternation of tone.

Boyd’s return this season can’t be guaranteed. But there is a chance to return in September. It would be helpful to add a talented left-footed player like Boyd in the midst of the post-season.

Seattle also acquired Jake Lamb from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Lamb is exciting because he can play third base, first base, and out. Versatility is always a plus. In addition, he tore the ball cap against the right-handed throw of the ball.

Pregnancy once had stellar potential. Although this was never achieved, it could be a major factor for sailors down the sprawl.

Louis Castle

Well, let’s talk about Luis Castillo.

Seattle acquired Castillo from the Cincinnati Reds before the MLB trade deadline. The move came as a surprise, as many people expected Castillo to end up in New York or Los Angeles. But the Mariners and Reds have a history of doing business with each other. Seattle acquired Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suarez from the Reds over the holiday season.

But this Castillo trade was very important to the sailors.

Before the addition of the right hand, it was distinguished by decent rotation. Robbie Ray and Logan Gilbert took the lead, while Marco Gonzalez and Chris Flexen provided a glimpse at the free options. But is this a world championship rotation? Especially considering Ray’s struggles in 2022?

Mostly not.

But Castillo makes the Mariners’ depth chart look even more intimidating. We’ll discuss that more in a second.

In the season, Luis Castillo scored a time under 2.90 for the Reds. His attacking ability has been continuously improved due to more balanced ammo. For a while, the only change was his awesome grade. But now he has better control of his fast ball and can throw other effective break courts on a more consistent basis.

So we know that he is Ramy Maher. But it’s the effect on the entire spin that puts sailors on top.

Castillo effect on rotation

Luis Castillo helps relieve pressure for the rest of the spin. His presence allows Robbie Ray to settle in as the No. 2 option. Ray doesn’t have to be the right man anymore. As a result, he will be able to relax and speak more effectively.

It also affects Logan Gilbert. Gilbert now has two All-Star caliber bowlers ahead of him in rotation. He can learn from both and settle down as a No. 3 choice for sailors.

Luis Castillo is truly a game changer. He will be looking to help the Mariners reach the playoffs, and possibly even the world championship.

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