5 new football coaches in Washburn, Caribou and South Orostock

Moving and vibrating on the local stadium

Believe it or not, some schools’ football season will start later next week and some of them have hired new coaches. There have been many changes in training among the local high schools as many of the big names have moved and returned to the sidelines.

The beloved coach leaves the program in good hands

Washburn has announced that Mark Shea will take charge of the football team for next season. Shea will replace longtime coach Ben Goodwin, who has accepted a management role at Caribou. Goodwin also resigned as Washburn’s baseball coach, a position he held for more than a decade. He has always been a favorite of his players and has trained long enough for many of his players to come back to visit him. Goodwin will be missed at Washburn, but Shea is a great alternative.

More about Mark as well as the girls’ team hire a veteran coach

Mark Shea is no stranger to the sidelines with past assignments in Caribou football as well as softball at Central Arostok in Mars Hill. During the few short moments, Shea did not participate in training or watching his children play, he was a member of the board of the local football official. The Varsity Girls soccer team in Washburn will also have a new head coach, Glen Condon who will replace 12-year-old coach Marcy Barbarola. Condon has been a fixture over the years on the sidelines at Ashland and looks forward to bringing his experiences to the Beavers.

This next step is like moving from the Red Sox to the Yankees. or the other way.

All kidding aside of course. The Caribou boys soccer team found themselves looking for a coach when Andre Rossignol left the region to advance his career. Evan Richards will lead the Vikings this season as he transfers from rival school, Presque Isle, where he was JV football coach.

Warriors find their coaches

Both South Orostock football teams will have new coaches this season. Jessica Nye has been appointed as the girls’ soccer coach for the Warriors, and Ryan Pelletier will lead the boys’ soccer program. Nye was an assistant for the school’s soccer and softball team, and Pelletier brought his expertise from Brewer and Hampden.

Best wishes to all the coaches for this season and I don’t envy any of you trying to get teams ready in such a short time frame. Stay closed to these pages as we work to provide the most coverage of local athletes.

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