Bears OC Luke Getsy discusses Cole Kmet’s potential, receiving competition and offensive line

(2) Getsy is pleased with how the Bears’ receivers approach the most open competition in any position.

So far in training camp, a fierce battle for points on the depth chart behind Year 3 pro Darnell Mooney has brought out the bears’ best receivers. The group includes veterans of Equanimeous St. Brown, Byron Pringle, N’Keal Harry, and the third-round rookie at Velus Jones Jr. , among others.

“These guys are convinced of the right mindset, and the competition brings out the best in these guys,” Gatesey said. “I’ve seen these guys work their butts and push themselves and buy into the philosophy of the style of play we’re going to play. That mentality and feeling bad and physical is a big part of it. I’m so touched by these guys going after it that way. The competition part of it, I love every part of it because it makes us all better.”

Bears receptors take turns going up.

“Everyone had a day here and there,” Jitsi said. “It was fun. Velus that day did a lot of great things for us. EQ has done a really great job. We’re not good enough in any of these positions, Mooney included, so we have a lot of work to do.” There, but I really like their approach.

“We put a lot on these guys. N’Keal came in here and he did a great job of being able to move him in different poses and put him in different places. Now with the sanitary pads, they’ve got to get in and get dirty. It’s part of our insult that the recipients get dirty. … these people showed that they are willing to do this.”

Recipients will continue to be evaluated through boot camp and pre-season.

“We try to make everyone better, figure out what everyone does really well, and then sharpen those tools as much as we can,” said Gatesey. “Money has been here the longest so it’s the easiest for everyone in this building to connect with. But these guys have a lot of special tools and we’re just trying to take advantage of what our O line can do, what Justin [Fields] You could do, all those things that would play into all of that.”

(3) Getsy revealed that the Bears are nowhere near settling on their starting offensive line and will continue to experiment in the center.

1 attacking this week in practice, they split time between Doug Kramer and Sam Mustaver in the center, Jair Carter and Michael Scofield in the right guard and Riley Reeve and Larry Borum in the tackle right.

On the left side of the line, Braxton Jones and Cody Whitehair captured the majority of the first team’s stepping and guarding representatives, respectively.

“We’re still far from a lot of positions, to be honest with you, and this is one of them,” said Jitsi. “We’ve flipped the players from right to left up front and trying to see which combination makes more sense and which one is more flexible for us. So we still have a lot of information to find out.

“This week has been really good for us, though. I talked about some of the players who have come forward and [we wonderered] How will they react when there are platforms in the running game. This is the biggest part. I think they did a lot of really good things.”

Getsy loved how the lining’s workers responded on Friday during what several players said was the most challenging training camp workout this year.

“This was a great exercise for us as well, because this was the first time we challenged adaptive wisdom,” said Jitsi. “We really went to it today, and I thought that was a really good thing. While we’re watching the movie, that’s going to be something I’ll turn to to see who’s lost their focus and who’s lost their discipline and their stuff when they’ve been challenged.”

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