Beat Streak Daily Update August 2

Beat the Streak is back for the 2022 season—and a $5.6 million prize is still on hand.
The idea is simple – pick one (or two) players each day that you think will get a hit. The goal – to cross Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak – presents a slightly more challenge.
Let’s take a closer look at the action from yesterday and today:
Longest active line: 37 (chappie)
Longest seasonal streak: 45 (Kuchilotos 26)
Longest streak ever: 51
Hot Picks (Yesterday)
1. Starling Mart Meets (41.3%) *
2 – Jordan Alvarez, Astros (12.2%)
3. Francisco Lindor, Mets (5.6%)*
4. Manny Machado, Parents (5.4%)*
5. Tria Turner, Dodgers (5.1%)*
* – An injury was recorded
Hot Picks (This Season)
1. Tria Turner, Dodgers (9.8%)
2. Freddy Freeman, Dodgers (6.8%)
3. J.D. Martinez, Red Sox (5.1%)
4. Manny Machado, Parents (4.7%)
5. Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals (3.3%)
Cory Seeger, Rangers (vs Orioles)
Seager hit 0.318 with a 1.041 OPS in July and started in August by notching his 24th home number of the season. He has a .977 OPS at home this season. Opposition star Jordan Lyles has allowed 130 goals in MLS this season.
Christian Yelich, Brewers (in pirates)
Yelich is pretty hot, with a 10-game hit streak (his hitting 366 with a 1,017 OPS) and multi-stroke games in four of his last five games. The left-hander has a great game against right-hander Bryce Wilson, who has a 6.31 ERA, 72 strikes allowed and only 40 strikes in 55 2/3 rounds. Yelich returned from Wilson on July 2.
Eric Hosmer, Padres (vs Rockies – Game 2)
José Ureña has allowed a batting average of 0.287 and 10.3 hits per nine runs, with just 5.3Ks per nine, in five starts since joining Colorado in early July. Hosmer has a faction advantage and is 5 vs 10 with Homer against Ureña.
The Citizens (opposite the Mets – Jacob Degrom)
The best pitcher in the world is back. Before his season ended last July, Degrom had a 1.08 ERA with 14.3 strikes and only 3.9 strikes allowed per nine runs in 15 starts. The Ace Mets are making their debut in 2022 in Washington.
The Pirates (versus the Brewers – Corbin Burns)
Burns had another double-digit strike performance last time out, starting his third in five in July. He leads the NL with a 160K this season and has a 2.31 ERA and 0.922 WHIP.

Marked BATTER VS. ejector matches

Mocky Pets (Dodgers): 7 vs 11 (.636), 2 HR, 3B, 2B, 0k vs Alex Wood

Ian Hap (The Cubs): 9 vs 24 (.375), 4 Hours, 2 2B vs Adam Wainwright
Marcus Simin (Rangers): 6 for 13 (.462), HR, 3 2B vs. Jordan Lyles
Miguel Cabrera (Tigers): 9 vs 24 (.375), 2 HR, 2B vs Chris Archer
Javier Baez (Tigers): 9 for 17 (.529), HR, 2 2B vs. Chris Archer
Jonathan Scope (Tigers): 16 vs 44 (.364), 6 Hours, 3 2B vs Chris Archer
Jose Abreu (White Sox): 8 vs. 38 (.211), 0 HR, 5K vs. Brad Keeler
Carlos Santana (Sailors): 0 vs. 10 (.000), 2k vs. Jameson Telon
Brandon Belt (Giants): 2 vs. 16 (.125), 5k vs. Tyler Anderson
Austin Slater (giants): 1 vs. 13 (.077), 7k vs. Tyler Anderson

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