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Every day, one of our experts will offer your best bet (or two or three). It could be a traditional bet on the points difference, a player prop, or one of the different boosters offered by the books.

Here are our best bets for Saturday, August 6:

best gameplay

The play: MLB Money Line, St. Louis Cardinals Over New York Yankees

Odds/betting: -110 ($33 to win $30)

the book: BetMGM

Time/TV: 6:15 p.m. (Fox)

we took: It’s been a tough week for us in baseball bets, so we’ll try to end the week on a good note. We have two teams here with opposite momentum, and we will try to capitalize on it.

The Cardinals are back to win the opening game here, winning seven of their past eight games. The Yankees, once the best team in baseball with five full games, have lost four out of five and are only 6-9 since the All-Star break. They’re still in the top spot with 10 comfortable games, but their edge over the Houston Astros for a field advantage in the playoffs goes back to half of the game.

The exciting dynamic is in this: Cardinals are sent to Jordan Montgomery Hill, which they just got from anyone other than the Yankees. Montgomery’s first start comes with the birds on bat against his old team. You could argue that either side could derive an advantage from that, but either way, the truth is that Montgomery has been much better than Yankees player Domingo German, who has had a blast in just his first three games this season.

Aaron Judge still beats homeowners at a prolific rate, but without Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees’ lineup is starting to dip a bit everywhere else. Here is the bet that lasts for another day.

EPL Sunday

The play: Premier League, Brighton +1 goal against Man United

Odds/betting: +120 ($10 to win $12)

the book: Vandel

Time/TV: 8 a.m. Sunday (Peacock)

we took: After hitting an EPL over-money bet on Saturday morning, we’ll give it back on Sunday.

Brighton are better than their total score from last year, if you go by the expected goals and possession charts. Although Manchester United are one of the world’s most famous clubs, they have had a turbulent season – the Red Devils are yet to figure out what to do with Cristiano Ronaldo, who walked off the field early in a friendly and could be sold but also could start on Sunday. .

Who knows what state of mind Man United will be in here? Old Trafford fans could potentially provide a boost, but this is a tough opening task for Manchester United, and getting a goal to play for Brighton – I won a draw, and pay one goal loss – is a good deal.

How did we leave

Friday’s best bets

(From Wednesday) PGA Championship Wyndham: Webb Simpson to finish in the top ten (lose $12)

MLB, Nationals Over Phillies (lose $15)

MLB, Pirates Over Orioles ($20 lost)

MLB parlay, Rockies +1.5 on Diamondbacks / Reds +1.5 on Brewers (lose $10)

Premier League, Leeds defeat Wolverhampton ($13.50)

Friday’s profit/loss: – $43.50 (1-4)

Total for the week: – $168.70 (2-10)

August total: – $168.70 (2-10)

Total for 2022: – $308.80 (193-225)

note: If the line or odds are negative, it is considered the juice that one should place for the bet. For example: Team A is -160 on the money line, one would have to bet $160 to win $100 (or $16 to win $10). Or Team B is the 5-point favorite at -110, one must bet $110 to win $100 (or $11 to win $10).

Conversely, on positive lines, if Team C is +140 on the money line, $100 will bring in $140 (or $10 to win $14).

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