Best Free Golf Games to Play on Windows 11/10 PC

With over 60 million regular players worldwide, golf is one of the most widely practiced sports. For the majority of us, playing games is a way to have fun, and making it more accessible through online games is just another great thing. Most sports, such as basketball, soccer, etc., have online replicas, but golfers may feel left out because there is not much discussion on the Internet. golf games.

This is not entirely accurate because you can play a number of golf games on your computer, game consoles, and other gadgets. In other words, if you love golf, you can still enjoy playing it wherever you are. However, finding the most amazing golf game to play on your Windows PC is not so simple as there are many sub models available. This article will discuss the top Golf games for Windows 11/10 to be of help.

Best Free Golf Games to Play on Windows PC

If you want to try golf on your Windows 11/10 PC, these are some of the options you should look for:

  1. PGA Tour 2K21
  2. Mini golf world
  3. Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf
  4. Serious golf
  5. VR golf club.

Let’s take a look at them.

1]PGA Tour 2K21

Speaking of golf games for Windows PC, the PGA Golf series is literally the original. PGA Tour 2k21 is a Multiplayer video game developed by HB Studio and published by 2K sport in 2020. This game uses realistic gameplay and graphics, which makes it fun and interesting for the fans.

In addition, the PGA Tour 2k21 is professionally designed which makes it very suitable for someone who does not know much about playing golf as well as those who are good at it. The game experience is top notch as it has a lot of realistic PGA rounds.

You will find the game’s controls easy to get used to. Also, you can either create rules for yourself or use the pre-made rules for the game. The game has many features that make it easy for anyone to play it. There are a lot of options when it comes to using players. Besides, you can also use professional players to complete the tournament.

Download PGA Tour 2K21.

2]Mini Golf World

Mini golf world

Mini Golf Mundo is among the best golf games that you can enjoy. It is a free golf game to be played on your Windows PC and available on many platforms for download. The graphics and sound in Mini Golf Mundo are excellent, and it’s very animated.

The type of gameplay that each player prefers is up to him. You choose your equipment and shoot while playing in third person perspective. Besides, the game offers a very versatile control. Although it is somewhat tricky, you can always start with the easiest options and go from there. You can either choose to play the game solo or multiplayer with up to 4 players

Download Mini Golf World.

3]Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf is a video game that you can use to enjoy playing golf. It is one of the most realistic golf games with a very immersive experience. This game has a total of 20 different modes and 12 courses. These courses have five difficulty levels and several assistance modes, which allow players to set up the game in ways that best suit their mastery.

Moreover, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf can be played with a mouse or a game controller as it has full controller support. You can also play the game in singles mode with another person, as per your choice. Moreover, the game is free to download.

Download Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf.

4]Serious golf

Serious golf

Dangerous Golf is a mini golf game that takes place in a space with a lot of destructible things. A mini golf game called Dangerous Golf that takes place in an area full of breakable items. A castle, kitchen, bathroom, and gas station are included in this space option. In games, players who can perform tricky shots are rewarded with points. In addition, another way to get rewards in the game is to knock down as many items as possible in a certain area.

The game is designed to not only focus on golf but also includes other gaming elements to make it more entertaining. The use of multiple rooms, teleports, explosives, and unique targets is one of the many fun aspects of Dangerous Golf.

Download Dangerous Golf.

5]VR . golf club

VR . golf club

The Golf Club VR is another golf simulator created for anyone who enjoys playing the game. With high-quality visuals, sound, and intuitive controls, this game offers one of the best virtual golf experiences. Any golf enthusiast will find that Golf Club VR is well built and comprehensive enough. Moreover, this game has many tutorials to guide you, so you don’t need to be an expert golfer to play it. So, among many other benefits, this game can teach you how to play golf.

Download The Golf Club VR.

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