Calls for justice after Florida man forcibly detained

NAACP leaders say a man in Daytona Beach may have suffered concussions and post-traumatic stress disorder after a July 17 traffic stop.

Camden County, Georgia – Warning – body cam footage includes crude language.

The NAACP and community leaders are calling for police accountability after they allege that a Camden County deputy sheriff illegally detained a man during a traffic stop.

Leaders say Scunickenyatta Jenkins, a man in Daytona Beach, may have suffered a concussion and post-traumatic stress disorder after a traffic stop on July 17.

Police-worn camera footage, shared by the NAACP, captured the incident.

Jenkins was a passenger in a car, driven by his girlfriend Marjorie Burns when Kingsland City Police stopped Monday on I-95 for speeding. The two say they were flying from Florida to South Carolina for a family event.

During the stop, the couple refused to search the car, and a K-9 unit of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene.

Once in one scene, a deputy K-9 unit in the Camden County Sheriff’s Office and a Kingsland City Police officer asked the couple to get out of the car and park near the police car they complied with. A Kingsland city police officer attempts to conduct a physical search for Jenkins, as Jenkins protests loudly and asks for a supervisor.

Jenkins can be heard telling officers “that’s ‘not fair’ dirty talk” while recording with a mobile phone while standing by the hood of a car.

A Camden County police officer arrives at the scene and asks Jenkins to put his hands behind his back, to which Jenkins says “Don’t touch me” and continues to record.

This officer can be seen handcuffing Jenkins’ left hand, while asking Jenkins to drop the phone. The officer pushed Jenkins down on the hood of the car, and this officer’s hand can be seen on the back of Jenkins’ head. A conflict ensues, as the other two officers join in an attempt to restrain Jenkins.

Jenkins eventually wrestles to the floor and his hands are tied. A Camden County police officer takes Jenkins and Burns’ phones away.

A Camden County police officer can be heard in body-worn camera footage calling Jenkins with profanity.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office case report says the K-9 dog made a positive drug alert, and drug paraphernalia was detected during a vehicle search. Instruments are listed as ‘1 black scale with green leafy residue’ and ‘one black’ battery ‘OOZE’.

The report also describes Jenkins as being verbally and physically annoying and not complying with the officers’ requests.

Jenkins was booked into prison and charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers, possession and use of drug-related items. According to the NAACP, he was released after 49 hours,

Driver Burns received a traffic notice for speeding.

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